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BISSELL canister vacuums are light and easy to maneuver. They’re great for stairs and other surfaces like curtains, upholstery, auto interiors, and more.

BISSELL Zing bagged canister vacuum makes any cleaning task seem effortless. The lightweight design and carry handle provide portable convenience. The Multi-Surface Floor Nozzle allows for easy cleaning of carpet, rugs and bare floors. The telescoping wand allows you to comfortably maneuver around and under furniture and also clean hard to reach areas like drapes and ceilings. When you are finished, the cord will automatically rewind with the push of a button.

  • Powerful suction gets the dirt high and low great for bare floors, rugs and above floor cleaning
  • Compact and lightweight for cleaning on the go
  • Multi-surface cleaning: easily go from cleaning carpets to hard floors with the flip of a switch
  • Includes: Telescoping Wand, Automatic Cord Rewind, Variable Suction Control, Full Bag Indicator
  • Please note: When using this unit on carpets make sure you have have the carpet brush engaged on the floor nozzle

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 Customer Reviews

Great Canister Vacuum for the Money!
Great Canister Vacuum cleaner for the money replacing an aging canister with a failing on/off switch. Used for the first time today and noted some real design improvements over my old unit.

The hose has swivels at both the handle and at the canister allowing the hose to stay manageable even with the twists and turns during vacuuming.

The exhaust is on top of the canister so dust is not blown around as canister moves around the room.

The extending handle is heavy, probably steel, with length adjustment easy and secure.

Floor attachment works well on laminate and vinyl but will pick up small area rugs so another attachment must be used for lightweight throw rugs.

On/Off and cord retract buttons are large and can be activated with the toe of the foot.

Cord must be guided straight into retract mechanism else it will not retract all the way in. Suggest allowing cord to retract through one hand while operating the retract button with the other.

Rolls around easily or can be carried with the handle during use.

Looking forward to years of use of this unit.justanoldguy
Great little machine for the money.
I received this item two days ago, earlier than promised, and I unpacked it, put it together in about 10 minutes, plugged it in and cleaned my floors. I have wood plank floors, not smooth and waxed, so they are not easy to clean. This vacuum did a great job. It is not very big, and not extremely powerful, but it cleaned better than anything I have had before. I am very pleased. It's not heavy, (I have a bad back), it is easy to maneuver, it is pretty quiet when turned on, and I like the canister type cleaner. I am very happy with the adjustable suction feature in the canister, and it has a sliding adjustment feature in the wand also. This little vacuum is worth every penny and more, and although I don't have any carpet in my house, I imagine it will clean carpets as well as it does wood floors. I recommend it to anyone who has wood floors, and who likes canister vacuum cleaners. I expect this will be a good machine for quite awhile.Queentait
Great little vacuum except....
I like this vacuum cleaner. I bought it to replace the no longer available Kenmore Blue. The suction is great, on carpets I have to wind it down to about 2/3 power otherwise it just drags the rugs. My biggest complaint now that I've had it a few weeks is the fact that the metal extension for normal floor cleaning is only a push fit. It drives me crazy. For the sake of a push spring and a hole this machine would have been soooooo. much better. I'm constantly either picking up the separated pieces or catching it when I pull back on the vacuum and the strong suction has grabbed the carpet so the hose separates. I know it's inexpensive but it's a pity. I would gladly have paid upto $20 more for the "luxury" of not having this issue. C'mon Bissell, fix it. Put out a quality product instead of one that is just so, so. One other niggle, but you can cope, is the variable extension slider. The release only pushes down, so when you have to put the machine away you get to push down on the release at the same time as trying to pull up to shorten the shaft. (It is possible to obtain a two way up down release but Bissell chose not to) - again an inconvenience that detracts from an otherwise super little vacuum.Adrian - retired and lovin' it

Great vacuum! I have tile floors with deep grouts an a upright would not pick up the dirt/sand the dogs brought in. This vacuum does a fantastic job. Needs a longer cord but it’s ok.Ckc
Not Great
The reason for only three stars is basically the low amount of suction, I really liked the style and handiness of the canister and the hose, just poor suction...I'm disappointed. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]Ceil

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