BISSELL Zing Bagless Canister Vacuum

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Brand Name BISSELL
Model 6489
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Do you love a clean home? Do you hate needing one vacuum for tile and another for your carpets? Having to use multiple vacuum cleaners to clean one home wastes not only the storage space in your home, but wastes you time as well. It would be a lot easier if you had one vacuum that could do it all! With the Bissell Zing Canister Vacuum you can! The canister vacuum allows you to easily switch between bare floors and carpets. You can also use the extension wand to reach the ceiling and clean the drapes. Bissell Zing is a whole home care vacuum.

How Does the Bissell Zing Vacuum Cleaner Work?

The Bissell Zing has many great features which allow you to easily clean your home with one appliance. This vacuum cleaner not only cleans multiple levels of your home, but is bagless for easy disposal. Let’s take a tour of some of the Zing’s great features.

  • Bagless
  • Changing vacuum bags between cleanings is a pain. Plus, it can get expensive to buy vacuum bags on a regular basis. By using the Bissell Zing you will never have to worry about bags again. This canister vacuum allows for powerful cleaning with no bag. You can dispose of the contents easily.

  • Multi-Surface Cleaning
  • Vacuuming can be a pain when you have both carpet and bare floors. With the Bissell bagless vacuum cleaner you will not have to worry about having multiple vacuums. With an easy flip of a button you can switch from a carpet cleaner to a bare floor cleaner. Reaching hard to reach places like ceilings and walls is easy with the removable extension wand.

  • Four Stage Filtration
  • In order to provide you with a deep down clean, the Bissell Zing comes with a four stage filtration system. This allows for even the smallest bits of dust and dirt to be picked up. The filtration system includes dirt cup filters, a post-motor filter and a pre-motor filter. All filters are easy to wash and reuse.

  • Lightweight
  • The Bissell Zing is lightweight, making it easy to maneuver around your home. The compact size and extendable features enable you to clean your entire home. The lightweight size and convenient handle make this vacuum easy to use.

Reviews for the Bissell Zing Vacuum Cleaner

Amazon posts customer reviews in order to help you purchase the right products. The Bissell Zing had a total of over 1000 reviews with more than 700 of them being a 4 or 5 star rating.

Those that rated the Bissell Zing with a 4 or 5 star love this vacuum cleaner. Many felt that the size and weight were perfect. It is easy to move from one room to the next, even upstairs. They all felt that the suction was great. One reviewer even commented that the Bissell Zing picked up all the cat hair other vacuums left behind.

Some individuals that rated this vacuum as a 2 or 3 star felt that the attachments were not designed well. One reviewer stated that he was rating it a 3 star because the cord would not retract after the second use.

– Suctions well to pick up small traces of dirt and dust
– Allows for cleaning of multiple surfaces in your home

– The unit can be somewhat loud

Final Thoughts on the Bissell Zing Vacuum Cleaner

The Bissell Zing Canister Bagless Vacuum Cleaner is a needed household appliance. This cleaning device can clean your entire home from ceiling to floors. The lightweight design, extension wand and handle allow for easy maneuvering through the home. You will not need any bags with this bagless vacuum.

 Customer Reviews

Lightweight & Practical for Hardfloor use.
This is 1 of the best vacuum cleaners I've used for our hard floors, both tile & wood. It's lightweight. No fancy multiple attachments that need dismantling & reassembling when emptying contents. No need for purchase of disposable bags. The retractable electrical cord is also a blessing ~ no manual unwinding & then pulling & rewinding over cord holders. I've used it for over 2 months before deciding to do this write-up so I have no qualms giving it a positive review. Incidentally, I do not have pets & children around the house but do a lot of gardening while hubby does woodwork in garage, so we do have gardening debris & sawdust especially close to door-areas.Lavinia
Very happy with this machine!
Very light & easy to maneuver! Also gets into hard to reach spaces without a problem. Suction is strong and cleaning canister is easy!Abigail
I would highly recommend this product.
This little Zing unit rocks!!! We bought a used camper trailer that I knew would need to be cleaned. I bought the Zing specifically to use in the trailer because of it's small size and, according to reviews by others, it's cleaning performance. Well, I was not disappointed! This unit lives up to it's reviews! It has powerful suction and is easy to use to get into tight spaces. Emptying the canister was so easy, too! I do have one suggestion: the on/off button and the cord rewind button are located one on each side of the handle and are the same black color. It can be confusing which is which when trying to work fast and in a tight space to turn the machine off (I certainly did not want to press the cord rewind button while the machine was running!). I would suggest that the buttons be different in color - red/black for example. I put a piece of blue tape over the rewind button so I didn't push it by mistake.Barbara
great little vacuum for hardwood floors
Have a new condo with hardwood floors and was looking for a simple cleaner that i could use. This one is great so far [two weeks and counting]. Rolls easily, has nice wand with tools and reasonable length cord. Suction is great and seems to pick up everything. Would definitely purchase again.stephen
AWESOME! I have 4 dogs and 1 cat this miracle allows me to zip right around! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the attachment with the little brush it's wonderful for lamp shades and ceiling fans! Thanks for making me feel spoiled! I will be purchasing another for the guest house!!!!Shannon
This machine was a lot more than I expected.
I have 4 other Bissell machines, this makes 5, so obviously I have confidence in their products and this one did not disappoint. I purchased this for small jobs like clean excess of cat box and remove cat hair from furniture and misc jobs that are easier with a small canister. I was impressed with the suction ability of this machine, excellent addition. With making so many purchases from Bissell, I have also had occasion to contact customer service, that was also a very pleasing experience.Robert
Great for hardwood
We love this little vacuum. Our dyson doesn't pick up toddler things like peas and corn, but this vacuum is great on the tile and hardwood. Also it's cheap. Highly recommend. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]Shannon
Please dont ever discontinue this vacuum!! Love it!
This is the 3rd Bissell Zing vacuum Ive bought and i absolutely love it!!! Great for hard floor surfaces and low pile rugs. I only say 3 because 2 for my house and I clean for a living so i need several.Brenda
Great power - perfect on tile/hardwood floors
Purchased this as a gift ... recipient said that it has excellent power and is perfect for hardwood floors and terrific at getting under side tables in living room etc.Therese
Just what the doctor ordered
Aside from the flimsy brush that is attached to the unit, this machine does everything I needed to have done, and is ligjht weight and easy to store. I had to purchase a brush for dusting from another vendor.Gary

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