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It is obvious that you need a new canister vacuum. The old vacuum could not help you to clean your house effectively anymore. However, you do not know the best canister vacuum to replace the old one. Here, you have to try Dyson DC33 Multi floor. You would find that there are some reasons why you should own it. There would be some reviews from the users. They explain why they choose to use Dyson DC33 instead of the other brands.

The first reason is the suction power of Dyson DC33. The customers are really satisfied with the suction power of Dyson DC33. They stated that they found what they were looking for. The customers even compared the suction power of Dyson DC33 with the other brands. In the end, they admitted that this brand is more powerful than the others. They could see the difference in the carpet before the cleaning process. Moreover, they also found that Dyson DC33 is suitable to clean all types of floor such as the carpet, tile, vinyl and wood. Therefore, they do not have to own more than one vacuum to clean their house because Dyson DC33 could handle every type. Most users agree that this vacuum also effective to clean the pet’s hair. One user had some experiments with the vacuum, she used it to clean the dirty t-shirt, In the end, she could not find any pet’s hair on the t-shirt.

Next, the customers are also satisfied with the length of the cord. The Dyson DC33 has 35 feet cord that enables the user to reach the longer area. One user stated that she could do the entire floor by plugging the vacuum on the single outlet. She did not have to unplug and re-plug the cord so that her work was more efficient. Moreover, it is also found that the other users satisfied with the length of the cord. They feel that they could work without any nuisance. The length of the cord helps them a lot in cleaning the house easily.

Moreover, the users also love the larger dustbin within Dyson DC33. It is found that the larger size of the dustbin help them a lot during the cleaning time. The users could do the cleaning for longer time. They do not have to empty the dustbin while cleaning the floor. In addition, one user admitted that she did not find any difficulty to dump. She only had to hold the canister and dump the whole junk to the garbage. More users had the same experience and they think that the dustbin and the canister are really handy.

Not forget, the users feel that it is really easy to user Dyson DC33. They can do all the maneuvers effortlessly. They do not have to use all of their strength to move the vacuum from one place to another place. They also thought that this vacuum were really flexible. They could use it to clean the difficult areas within their house. Moreover, the users also think that the weight of Dyson DC33 is acceptable. The weight is really light for a large vacuum. Therefore, they think that this vacuum is really easy to carry. One user stated that she almost could not believe that this vacuum was not as heavy as she thought. She could carry her Dyson DC33 from one room to the others without any difficulties.

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 Customer Reviews

I should have never left Dyson
We had a Dyson in England. It was amazing. Since it was a 220 plug we had to buy another vacuum when we returned to the states. We didn't want to shell out the money for another Dyson so we went with cheaper alternatives. Yes, That is plural. We have gone through numerous vacuums. We finally gave in and decided to get another Dyson. I now remember why I love these vacuums so much. They are so powerful! Lots of different features and super easy to use and clean. I've included a picture of the before and after from the use of my Dyson. I never realized how little my other vacuums were actually picking up. The Dyson sucked the rug back to its true color!Tandy
Love my Dyson!!!
This is my 3rd Dyson, and second of this model ( the first Dyson went to live with my dad, the second is our Downstairs vacuum and this one is for upstairs.) I am a vacuum snob and have owned many from Hoover, Eureka to Orek. This Dyson is by far my favorite. It is easy to push and manure, it really picks up debris and dirt from the carpet leaving the carpet looking groomed and clean. It is easy for my kids to use and it has a really long cord so you don't have to constantly finding a different place to plug it in at. My Dyson works well for picking up the pet hair from carpet, hard wood floors, furniture and throw pillows. The only down side it that is it a little heavy to drag upstairs, but everything else about tho vacuum is awesome which makes it worth owning, I found a great Black Friday price so I bought one for upstairs. Make sure that you clean your filters and let them air dry every few months, it really helps and it is super easy to do. Overall, this is the best vacuum I have ever owned and can't imagine buying anything else.The2BoysMommy
Excellent but with some help from Dyson Support
Bought this machine (yellow top) this July about 3 months before my new hardwood floors and carpet were installed. As soon as the latter were done this Friday, I un-boxed the DC33 Saturday 9AM. Had to assemble a few things ( the handle assemblies) to the machine which clicked into place easily. The precision of the parts (handle, filters, dirt bin) impressed me - strong plastic, nothing flimsy, easily click into place.
Switched it to the bare floor setting (which disengages the beater bar) and used it on my hard floors. Its suction was impressive.
HOWEVER, when I switched to the carpet setting (which engaged the beater bar) and moved to my new carpet (1/2 inch thick pile), the unit sucked so hard into the carpet, it would not move forward or backward.
Called Dyson support and got to a service person almost immediately - Saturday 10AM yet. They instructed me on how to easily remove 2 seals (rubber O ring type gaskets) from the floor head. This allowed for more input air and now the unit moves easily on my carpet with great suction.
Happy Camper - great machine.RickM46
Wish we would have gotten one years ago!!!
We just got the new Dyson DC 33 a month ago and he has made such a difference in how clean the carpets floors are that I so wish you would have gone when years ago!! I even made a video of what it looks like once I had vacuumed our floor with our regular vacuum and then re-vacuumed it right away with the Dyson you would not believe how much dirt and fibers it picked up that we're still carpet!! http://youtu.be/bKec2fA5RZ8

I cannot believe how much dirt we were still living on every day at even after I had vacuumed. Dyson is more powerful and it's easier to push and I just love it. My husband was especially thrilled to find out you could get the hardwood floor adapter to vacuum our bathroom floors said that all of our hair would not get caught up in the brush of the vacuum, which is a problem that we continuously have ever years with all of our vacuum cleaners because my daughter and I have long hair.

We got our Dyson at Walmart when it had gone on sale for $250 and we could not be happier about this purchase!!Sbhammonds
Love the Dyson DC33 Multi-Floor Bagless Vacuum
I had been looking to purchase a Dyson for the longest time. Finally, I found this one on clearance pricing through walmart.com. Sure, it doesn't have the purple ball we've all been known to gaze at with its simplistic design; however, it does the trick and nicely I might add. It works great on carpets, tile, and wood floors. The holding canister is a simple to clicks to unhinge and empty. Close the trap door and slide it back into place to continue vacuuming. The unit came with two attachments, both rate great for usability and debris pick up quality. The vacuum has the longest cord I've seen a device to date. The 2-in-1 handle wand is a simple click to use.

The only downfalls I found so far, include:
--No LED light
--The hose is stiff and while it reaches to places it needs to reach too, its memory makes it difficult to keep length in the line.

Now, with that in mind, the pros outweigh the cons. Even for an older Dyson model it still trumps the other brands: Eureka, Hoover, Shark, Rowenta, etc.

It looks cool too!MortuaryMan08

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