Dyson DC33 Multi floor

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It is obvious that you need a new canister vacuum. The old vacuum could not help you to clean your house effectively anymore. However, you do not know the best canister vacuum to replace the old one. Here, you have to try Dyson DC33 Multi floor. You would find that there are some reasons why you should own it. There would be some reviews from the users. They explain why they choose to use Dyson DC33 instead of the other brands.

The first reason is the suction power of Dyson DC33. The customers are really satisfied with the suction power of Dyson DC33. They stated that they found what they were looking for. The customers even compared the suction power of Dyson DC33 with the other brands. In the end, they admitted that this brand is more powerful than the others. They could see the difference in the carpet before the cleaning process. Moreover, they also found that Dyson DC33 is suitable to clean all types of floor such as the carpet, tile, vinyl and wood. Therefore, they do not have to own more than one vacuum to clean their house because Dyson DC33 could handle every type. Most users agree that this vacuum also effective to clean the pet’s hair. One user had some experiments with the vacuum, she used it to clean the dirty t-shirt, In the end, she could not find any pet’s hair on the t-shirt.

Next, the customers are also satisfied with the length of the cord. The Dyson DC33 has 35 feet cord that enables the user to reach the longer area. One user stated that she could do the entire floor by plugging the vacuum on the single outlet. She did not have to unplug and re-plug the cord so that her work was more efficient. Moreover, it is also found that the other users satisfied with the length of the cord. They feel that they could work without any nuisance. The length of the cord helps them a lot in cleaning the house easily.

Moreover, the users also love the larger dustbin within Dyson DC33. It is found that the larger size of the dustbin help them a lot during the cleaning time. The users could do the cleaning for longer time. They do not have to empty the dustbin while cleaning the floor. In addition, one user admitted that she did not find any difficulty to dump. She only had to hold the canister and dump the whole junk to the garbage. More users had the same experience and they think that the dustbin and the canister are really handy.

Not forget, the users feel that it is really easy to user Dyson DC33. They can do all the maneuvers effortlessly. They do not have to use all of their strength to move the vacuum from one place to another place. They also thought that this vacuum were really flexible. They could use it to clean the difficult areas within their house. Moreover, the users also think that the weight of Dyson DC33 is acceptable. The weight is really light for a large vacuum. Therefore, they think that this vacuum is really easy to carry. One user stated that she almost could not believe that this vacuum was not as heavy as she thought. She could carry her Dyson DC33 from one room to the others without any difficulties.

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