Eureka 3670G Mighty Mite Canister Vacuum

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Are you going to buy the best canister vacuum ? If you do not have any idea about the best vacuum cleaner, then you should buy Eureka 3670G Mighty Mite Canister Vacuum. This vacuum cleaner is well known because of its superb ability and other amazing values. The customers were glad that they found this vacuum cleaner. Now, they not even thought to change it with the other brands.

Eureka 3670G Mighty Mite Canister vacuum is perfect to be chosen. All of the users agree that this vacuum cleaner is really suitable to clean their house. This vacuum cleaner could tackle all different types of floor surface such as linoleum, carpet, hard wood and tiles. The users admitted that they only have to use Eureka 3670G to clean the whole parts of their house, including the difficult parts. They felt that they did not need to have another vacuum cleaner since Eureka 3670G has fulfilled their needs. They only have to push the buttons and the vacuum cleaner is ready to be used for the different part.

Next, the users admitted that they have fallen in love with the appearance of this vacuum cleaner. They found that the vacuum cleaner has an attractive design. It is really stylish and sophisticated. Moreover, the users feel that the eye-catching colors of this vacuum cleaner have taken their attention. The yellow and black color really suits its design. One user stated that she bought this vacuum cleaner since she thought that the design and the color were amazing. She thinks that the other brands do not have the same appearance like this vacuum cleaner.

Many of the users also choose Eureka 3678G because of its long chord. The users do not have to plug and un-plug the vacuum cleaner repeatedly. They only have to plug the vacuum cleaner to the single outlet. After that, they could clean the entire floor without any nuisance. Mostly, the users feel this vacuum cleaner have helped them in saving their time during the cleaning process. They could clean their house effectively. Some of the users admitted that this vacuum cleaner also have helped them from the disastrous moments. They really hate when they had to move from one outlet to the other outlets. They thought that it only waste their time.

Next, all of the users agree that Eureka 3678G is really easy to be used. They do not have to memorize too much buttons in order to operate this vacuum cleaner. Some of the users stated that they had never found a friendly-user vacuum cleaner like Eureka 3678G. They felt that the other brands have too much buttons. In addition, the users also feel that this vacuum cleaner is not heavy at all. Therefore, they do not meet any difficulties in moving the vacuum cleaner from one place to the other places. One user stated that compared with her old vacuum cleaner, this vacuum cleaner has lighter weight. She does not have to put too much effort in moving her Eureka. Another user thought that this vacuum cleaner is small but really powerful.

It is also known that the price of this high quality vacuum cleaner is not that expensive. Some of the users could not believe that they are able to get the vacuum cleaner with affordable price. The users thought that they had to pay more for this vacuum cleaner. In reality, the price is less expensive than their expectation. No wonder, the users recommend this vacuum cleaner to their acquaintances because of its reliable price. They feel that this vacuum cleaner is really suitable for every house.

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 Customer Reviews

After lengthy research and a lot of shopping, I chose the Eureka The Boss Mighty Mite Canister Vacuum. This vacuum was not my first choice, I only discovered it shopping at Walmart online as this model is not available as an in-store purchase. For the money, it is a great little vacuum, light weight and a lot of power, and it has a blower port not found on the more expensive models. I checked out the same model at Eureka online only to discover it was more expensive from the manufacturer! I like that it has easy to replace (and purchase) bags instead of the more expensive and hard to find hepa filters. I have all hardwood floors, ceramic tile in the bath and some "oriental" rugs. It works great on all of the hard surfaces, however I kept my upright for the occasional "deep cleaning" of my rugs, as the Mighty Mite is not great for rugs. I have mixed feelings about the plastic "wand" as it is not as sturdy as a metal wand however, I do not have to worry about damaging my wood floors if I drop it. It does not have a retractable power cord, but has a convenient and easy to use storage space under the unit. Overall, for the money, this was a great purchase! I am pleased with it. Also there are a lot of "off brand" parts and bags available online.alexguy
Eureka Mighty Mite Canister Vacuum
This is my second purchase of this vacuum cleaner. It does an excellent job on hard wood floors and general dusting. Not good on carpets. I use an upright for that.

It arrived quickly and just in time for spring cleaning.Grandma
I read the reviews and was comfortable with my decision to go ahead and buy this vacuum. I got it site to store and had it in 4 days which wasn't bad. No damage was done to the box and it took very little time to put it together. I couldn't wait to try it out, and wow it has quite a bit of suction!
I have 3 indoor cats and I like to keep up the floors every few days. I bought this for my tile and wood floors and this vacuum helps me out so much now. The wand is plastic and it won't take a lot of abuse but it doesn't bother me. The wand is longer that normal and it makes it reach farther. The cord is a lot longer than other cords too, and it wraps nicely underneath the vacuum instead of be coiled up inside. The handle is nice in case you need to pick it up and it's not heavy at all. It is just what I have been looking for. They only give you 2 bags so be out looking for additional ones online pretty quick. Overall, I am "Very Happy" to have bought this vacuum and you will be too.Southernbell001
Can't beat if for the value
I've had laminate throughout for 15 years now and use a canister for EVERYTHING including walls. I love this thing. I have had 2 others over the years and one was heavy while the other had a bag in it the size of my hand. With 4 dogs and cats I was changing that bag twice a month sometimes. Ridiculous.

This thing is lightweight with a very long cord, 20'. I live in a smaller 3 bedroom ranch and I plug it in centrally and get from one end of my house to the other without having to change plugs. Nice.

I bought a brush head attachment at a local vacuum shop because I don't feel like the head included has enough suction for me. I'm sure it does but I like doing hard floors as well as my walls with the brush. Picks up more for me.

I'm happy. Only thing I'd do different if I were them that would make this perfect are including that brush head attachment and making the plastic wand lightweight metal and telescoping. I'm so happy though I can live without the telescoping wand.curlysue102
Great buy
bought this because of reviews, price and need. we have hardwood floors on the first floor and some large carpet pieces. I love this vacuum! I find that I do a much better job because I can get around things better with the wand than the upright we had. It took a couple of days to get used to it but the rollers on the head work good. you don't have to push a button for carpet/hardwood, it works equally well on both. Stairs are easy, the unit is light weight, and the 20ft cord is nice. The 15ft cord that comes on other vacuums is too short.
I wish the wand was a little more sturdy, it does flex. But that can be a good thing too. It won't hurt anything if you drop it or it bumps against something. the light weight and ease to get in tight places is worth it. You can spend a lot more money on a vacuum but this one does everything well, costs less, weighs less, and is simple to use.
I was going to give it four stars because I reserve five stars for perfection, BUT considering the price, this is worth five stars!motodreamer

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