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Are you going to buy the best canister vacuum ? If you do not have any idea about the best vacuum cleaner, then you should buy Eureka 3670G Mighty Mite Canister Vacuum. This vacuum cleaner is well known because of its superb ability and other amazing values. The customers were glad that they found this vacuum cleaner. Now, they not even thought to change it with the other brands.

Eureka 3670G Mighty Mite Canister vacuum is perfect to be chosen. All of the users agree that this vacuum cleaner is really suitable to clean their house. This vacuum cleaner could tackle all different types of floor surface such as linoleum, carpet, hard wood and tiles. The users admitted that they only have to use Eureka 3670G to clean the whole parts of their house, including the difficult parts. They felt that they did not need to have another vacuum cleaner since Eureka 3670G has fulfilled their needs. They only have to push the buttons and the vacuum cleaner is ready to be used for the different part.

Next, the users admitted that they have fallen in love with the appearance of this vacuum cleaner. They found that the vacuum cleaner has an attractive design. It is really stylish and sophisticated. Moreover, the users feel that the eye-catching colors of this vacuum cleaner have taken their attention. The yellow and black color really suits its design. One user stated that she bought this vacuum cleaner since she thought that the design and the color were amazing. She thinks that the other brands do not have the same appearance like this vacuum cleaner.

Many of the users also choose Eureka 3678G because of its long chord. The users do not have to plug and un-plug the vacuum cleaner repeatedly. They only have to plug the vacuum cleaner to the single outlet. After that, they could clean the entire floor without any nuisance. Mostly, the users feel this vacuum cleaner have helped them in saving their time during the cleaning process. They could clean their house effectively. Some of the users admitted that this vacuum cleaner also have helped them from the disastrous moments. They really hate when they had to move from one outlet to the other outlets. They thought that it only waste their time.

Next, all of the users agree that Eureka 3678G is really easy to be used. They do not have to memorize too much buttons in order to operate this vacuum cleaner. Some of the users stated that they had never found a friendly-user vacuum cleaner like Eureka 3678G. They felt that the other brands have too much buttons. In addition, the users also feel that this vacuum cleaner is not heavy at all. Therefore, they do not meet any difficulties in moving the vacuum cleaner from one place to the other places. One user stated that compared with her old vacuum cleaner, this vacuum cleaner has lighter weight. She does not have to put too much effort in moving her Eureka. Another user thought that this vacuum cleaner is small but really powerful.

It is also known that the price of this high quality vacuum cleaner is not that expensive. Some of the users could not believe that they are able to get the vacuum cleaner with affordable price. The users thought that they had to pay more for this vacuum cleaner. In reality, the price is less expensive than their expectation. No wonder, the users recommend this vacuum cleaner to their acquaintances because of its reliable price. They feel that this vacuum cleaner is really suitable for every house.

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 Customer Reviews

Great Little Sweeper
I bought this 8 months ago and I couldn't be more happy. Light weight, easy to carry when doing stairs. Rolls easily all though my house. The pet brush is AMAZING!! It just grabs the pet hair right out of the furniture and rugs! Yes, I use it on my indoor/outdoor carpet and it works wonderful. I only wish they made it bigger like the regular size sweeper head. LOVE THIS SWEEPER> I have artheritus, I'm elderly and it's the best for anyone with health issues.jp456
Light, easy to maneuver, plenty of suction power.
I have always loved Eureka vacuum cleaners. I have an old upright that I am still using after 35 years....... you just can't beat 'em. This is my second Mighty Mite. I just gave my old one a new home in our RV. So, when I needed to get a replacement for the house, the choice was easy. Some people like a "bagless" vacuum..... I find them to be Dirty. This vac has a nice compact bag, easy to change without having dust flying around. ( try dumping a bagless container without a dusty mess )
This vac is especially suited for Bare Floors, but will do a nice "quick pick up" on your carpet. It is also really nice for getting in and around those areas that your big Vac cant reach. I think you will love this Mighty Mite.grammibiker
Convenient and Effective
I love our Mighty Mite! It is super easy to store, and retrieve as needed. Small but mighty - it has been great at cleaning up our pet stains, and not leaving a soggy carpet when I am done. I no longer live in a stained, smelly apartment because when anything needs cleaning, I can do it right away, and not dread cleanups.lwaite
This is actually my second Eureka Pet Lover vacuum. I have one in my home and loved it so much, I purchased a second for my cottage. Great for quick clean ups and especially stairways! Use it for furniture as well to get all those goodies that hide under the cushions. From grass and dog hair on the steps to sand and mouse (these I do not consider Pets! LOL!) droppings at the does it all! Just love my Eurekas!Jill K
New and Improved Mighty Mite!
I bought my first Eureka Mighty Mite Canister vacuum about 12 years ago and recently replaced it with the 3684F model. I am so happy I decided to stick with Eureka MM because I really liked my original model, but now I love the improvements too! The extension rod (which ultimately cracked on my old one) is now made of metal, instead of plastic, so its much sturdier (yet surprisingly light). I also like the HEPA filter and the improved bi-level switch to go from floors to carpet. And, surprise, surprise, it is a quieter vacuum than the original, but still has great suction and ease of use. Finally, I love the pet hair removal attachment brush for upholstery and carpeted stairs--it really gets the dust and pet hair up!Jaybo8
eureka pet lover mighty mite canister vacuum
here are my top scores for this cleaner. 1. my house has all hardwood floors and area rugs so this particular cleaner is EXCELLENT for my needs as promised. 2. cleaner is very versatile and light to carry and wheel around and I am a BIG fan of easy lifting and dragging when cleaning. 3. price is EXCELLENT for product promises. 4. the cord length and the extendable hose is easy to adjust and both fixtures are more than adequate for cleaning. 5. delivery was FREE shipping and extremely fast to the point of being ahead of the promised delivery date. 6. the pet lovers mighty mite has very good suction and makes quick work in removing cat hair on upholstery and fine wool rugs from 2 very active Siamese cats! 7. storage for this vacuum cleaner is minimal which is another plus.

as for other remarks: the cord is not retractable so if that is an issue you may want to spend the extra for a retractable cord. the floor brush does not fit under low spaces like my gas stove or super low cupboards so if you need a slimmer brush model you might want to review other options for a pet cleaner.

overall, I would certainly recommend this cleanercatherinehestercatherine
Don't let looks fool you
When I first pulled the vacuum out of the box I thought it couldn't possibly be as good as marketed because it is so cheaply made. We are talking really cheap plastic. This may affect it's ability to maintain performance in the future but my initial opinion is not to let looks fool you. I plugged it in and started vacuuming. The suction was as good as a Dyson I had borrowed and weighed considerably less. I have a navy carpet in the dining room and a white terrier that should be bald at the rate of her shedding. This little vacuum handled the hair beautifully on the carpet and my hardwood floors. The little "mighty claw" is awesome and cleaned up by sofa and upholstered chairs quickly with little effort. It is light and easily follows you around. I did not have any problems with kinking as other reviewers shared. The telescopic handle is easy to use and very helpful. The extra tools are pretty small, but usable.
My only concern is how long it will last because of how it is constructed but I guess time will tell on that one.Samm61
Better for hard floors
I bought this to clean our RV and because I wanted a bagged model with a 12 amp motor that would fit in a small space. The motor is as powerful as my old upright but seems louder. I do like being able to stand it upright and use the hose attachment. If you have mostly hard floors and a lot of pet hair and dust that needs picked up from a hard surface this should work pretty well. If you have wall to wall carpet even in a small apartment I would recommend you buy an upright instead. For a small space with minimal carpet this may work for you. It reminds me of a extra large dust buster or a very small shop vac in its usefulness.

power of the motor
compact size and light weight
bag is easy to replace
adaptable to different areas of the house
pet brush attachment seems to work fairly well although it is also not "powered"
crevice tool does fit on board
has a cord wrap on board

cannot attach the included HEPA filter and still use it in the upright position, it tilts
hose feels pretty cheap
floor attachment is not powered so it is not very effective for carpet
floor attachment tends to fall off easily
pet tool does not fit on board
hose, extension and floor attachment are loose and take up a lot of closet spaceTXRVwife
Who Writes These Reviews? Beware!
First if you have a bad back this isn't good for you!I wanted a vacuum that had good attachments, HEPA filter and was easy to use. Unfortunately, lots of twisting and adjusting and found it was easier to sweep and just vac up the debris! The small brush isn't adequate for much of anything other than a bit of dusting (bigger brush available at extra cost) and it falls off repeatedly. BEWARE of the suction adjustment in extension rod, it easily slips open and when it did it left a mark on the palm of my hand...wicked suction where it shouldn't be, so be careful if you let a young person use this. The floor attachment makes noise like it's scratching the floor and has 2 options close and closer. It's just an awkward piece of equipment. I'm really disappointed for $102+ it was a waste of money, so much for trusting reviews! I'm getting rid of it and opting for a standup vacuum with good attachments that aren't cheap.Youreallyhavemynickname
Motor blew the first time I used it!
I purchased this online to save a trip to the store - it had been recommended by a cleaning service I use. The vacuum was delivered ahead of schedule, but the first time I turned it on, it tripped a circuit breaker and died. I couldn't get it powered back up, so I had to drive it to a Eureka dealer that does warranty repairs. Trouble is, the closest dealer was a 20 mile round trip from my home, and it will take them three weeks to repair or replace the motor. So much for the convenience of an online purchase.Loogirl

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