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If funds are tight then you may look at the Mighty Mite as a kind of stop-gap until you can afford a better vacuum, but surprisingly it might end up being even more than just a temporary solution. In fact you will be amazed at how much you actually get out of this little vacuum cleaner for the money. If you are on the lookout for a bargain then the Mighty Mite shows it to be exactly that. A big consideration when getting the Mighty Mite is most probably trying to find something cheap that will deal with dog or cat hair shedding, hence the name of the product. Most will probably assume that it won’t be that great a product due to the price, but it’s actually surprising how much it holds up.

Detailed overview of the Eureka Pet Lover

The suction is pretty great, okay it’s not what you would get on a $700 vacuum, but it’s way better than what you see on some of the more expensive cleaners. It deals with most pet hair easily and has a HEPA filter which catches pet skin particles which can often cause an allergic reaction. This is a great design if you are allergic especially to animal dander. Don’t let the price fool you, the overall functionality of the Mighty Mite is pretty good.

Not surprisingly, the build quality isn’t amazing for this vacuum. The hose feels pretty lightweight and the canister is made purely of plastic. That said, it is easy to move around with because of the lack of weight and the cord it comes with stretches out a decent amount, not to mention the telescopic rod which is pretty good for cleaning hard to reach places. The cord does slip in and out of the clip a little bit which can be a nuisance, but apart from that everything worked for me straight out of the box.

As for attachments, it only comes with one, but it is designed specifically with pet hair in mind and is adjustable in terms of the amount of suction it will give you. This attachment is really useful for sofas and other fabrics which animals have been sitting on or next to, casting their hair. The main attachment is pretty reliable for everything else and manages to suck up most of the dust or rubbish which finds its way onto the floor of a busy home.

The canister is fairly simple to empty, but it does use bags. Depending on how you approach bagless vacuums, this could be a good or a bad thing. For many it’s better to use a bag because it stops the dust from getting everywhere, which is especially important if you have people with allergies in the house.

Product Highlights

  • Maximum 12 Amp of vacuuming power.
  • Lightweight compact design, less than 9 lbs making it easy to use, carry up stairs and store in small places.
  • Good filtration, HEPA exhaust filter captures 99.97% of pet dander and other allergens for a cleaner home.
  • Odor-eliminating dust bag eliminates pet odors and captures allergy-causing pet dander.
  • 20-foot cord length provides a large cleaning radius.
  • The Blower port effectively blows away the dirt and debris that pets track into your living environment.
  • Included The PET Power Paw tool, specially designed to loosen, grab and remove pet hair from carpet and upholstery.
  • Telescoping wand, provide extra-long reach to remove dirt from every surface.
  • On-Board Tools, clean hard-to-reach areas with the crevice tool and dusting brush/upholstery nozzle.
  • 11 Inch Cleaning Path
  • Measures 9″W x 17.5″L x 11.3″H
  • Backed by 1-year limited warranty


The Mighty Mite is not a perfect vacuum. It has issues with build quality but for the money this is an excellent bargain. It’s compact and light weight, something which will make cleaning much easier than it used to be. It will more than handle most cleaning situations and is a brilliant option if you are watching your pennies.

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 Customer Reviews

After lengthy research and a lot of shopping, I chose the Eureka The Boss Mighty Mite Canister Vacuum. This vacuum was not my first choice, I only discovered it shopping at Walmart online as this model is not available as an in-store purchase. For the money, it is a great little vacuum, light weight and a lot of power, and it has a blower port not found on the more expensive models. I checked out the same model at Eureka online only to discover it was more expensive from the manufacturer! I like that it has easy to replace (and purchase) bags instead of the more expensive and hard to find hepa filters. I have all hardwood floors, ceramic tile in the bath and some "oriental" rugs. It works great on all of the hard surfaces, however I kept my upright for the occasional "deep cleaning" of my rugs, as the Mighty Mite is not great for rugs. I have mixed feelings about the plastic "wand" as it is not as sturdy as a metal wand however, I do not have to worry about damaging my wood floors if I drop it. It does not have a retractable power cord, but has a convenient and easy to use storage space under the unit. Overall, for the money, this was a great purchase! I am pleased with it. Also there are a lot of "off brand" parts and bags available online.alexguy
Eureka Mighty Mite Canister Vacuum
This is my second purchase of this vacuum cleaner. It does an excellent job on hard wood floors and general dusting. Not good on carpets. I use an upright for that.

It arrived quickly and just in time for spring cleaning.Grandma
I read the reviews and was comfortable with my decision to go ahead and buy this vacuum. I got it site to store and had it in 4 days which wasn't bad. No damage was done to the box and it took very little time to put it together. I couldn't wait to try it out, and wow it has quite a bit of suction!
I have 3 indoor cats and I like to keep up the floors every few days. I bought this for my tile and wood floors and this vacuum helps me out so much now. The wand is plastic and it won't take a lot of abuse but it doesn't bother me. The wand is longer that normal and it makes it reach farther. The cord is a lot longer than other cords too, and it wraps nicely underneath the vacuum instead of be coiled up inside. The handle is nice in case you need to pick it up and it's not heavy at all. It is just what I have been looking for. They only give you 2 bags so be out looking for additional ones online pretty quick. Overall, I am "Very Happy" to have bought this vacuum and you will be too.Southernbell001
Can't beat if for the value
I've had laminate throughout for 15 years now and use a canister for EVERYTHING including walls. I love this thing. I have had 2 others over the years and one was heavy while the other had a bag in it the size of my hand. With 4 dogs and cats I was changing that bag twice a month sometimes. Ridiculous.

This thing is lightweight with a very long cord, 20'. I live in a smaller 3 bedroom ranch and I plug it in centrally and get from one end of my house to the other without having to change plugs. Nice.

I bought a brush head attachment at a local vacuum shop because I don't feel like the head included has enough suction for me. I'm sure it does but I like doing hard floors as well as my walls with the brush. Picks up more for me.

I'm happy. Only thing I'd do different if I were them that would make this perfect are including that brush head attachment and making the plastic wand lightweight metal and telescoping. I'm so happy though I can live without the telescoping wand.curlysue102
Great buy
bought this because of reviews, price and need. we have hardwood floors on the first floor and some large carpet pieces. I love this vacuum! I find that I do a much better job because I can get around things better with the wand than the upright we had. It took a couple of days to get used to it but the rollers on the head work good. you don't have to push a button for carpet/hardwood, it works equally well on both. Stairs are easy, the unit is light weight, and the 20ft cord is nice. The 15ft cord that comes on other vacuums is too short.
I wish the wand was a little more sturdy, it does flex. But that can be a good thing too. It won't hurt anything if you drop it or it bumps against something. the light weight and ease to get in tight places is worth it. You can spend a lot more money on a vacuum but this one does everything well, costs less, weighs less, and is simple to use.
I was going to give it four stars because I reserve five stars for perfection, BUT considering the price, this is worth five stars!motodreamer

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