Rug Doctor Portable Spot Cleaner

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Brand Name Rug Doctor
Model 93300
Rating ★★★★½ 
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Rug Doctor technology in a Portable Spot Cleaning. Remove Spots and Stains with 2X suction and powerful handheld motorized brush. Use the retractable handle and carpet-friendly wheels to easily maneuver the machine to clean-up carpet, stairs, upholstery and autos. It is designed for quick and easy cleanup anytime, anywhere so you can get back to your life.


  • 2X Suction compared to leading portable spot cleaners
  • Powerful handheld oscillating motorized brush – Rug Doctor’s exclusive technology
  • Retractable Handle and Carpet-Friendly Wheels for extra maneuverability
  • Fast and Simple removable tanks for easy filling and emptying
  • Waste Water Tank wide opening lid for rinsing and drying


Unit Dimensions: (Handle Extended)H: 33.56" W: 16.03" D: 10.93"
Unit Dimensions: (Handle Retracted)H: 15.61" W: 16.03" D: 10.93"
Power10 amps
Cord Length15 ft
Hose Length5.5 ft
Clean Water Tank64 oz
Dirty Water Tank38 oz
Weight15 lbs
Cleaning Path4.5 in
Motorized Brush Yes

 Customer Reviews

Works exactly like the big Rug Doctors
They took the highly successful rug doctor carpet cleaners you can rent and shrunk it into a home model. I have laminate floors, but need this to clean rugs due to a handicapped pet (and other happenings like muddy paws, bloody paws, etc. as well as the occasional human drink spills). It works just like the big model! At least the well maintained ones - in my experience Home Depot is the one place that maintains their rental equipment - grocery stores don't. It took me a couple hours to clean all the area rugs in our house, which was longer than it would with the large model, but the next day when I needed to use it again, was glad I now own it! Only advice I have if you're buying it for pets is to not use the cleaning solution they supply, but rather one of the enzyme products like nature's miracle. No more rentals for me!Michelle
So Happy My Carpet is Clean and Dry
The fact that this rug cleaner picks up pet hair is fabulous since most rug shampooers get caught on a lot of hair which interferes with how well they clean. When the rug gets spotted by my pet, after I clean it the odor remains noticeable to my pet. This has caused my pet to use the same area again and again. Therefore, it is necessary to totally remove any smell this pet can locate in the future. The Stain and Odor Cleaner and 2X suction of the Rug Doctor successfully eradicated all the odor so my pet's strong sense of smell could not detect anything anymore. First, I worked on eradicating the stain that has been long-lasting. It consists of a dull, tan or light brownish area like a path from dirty shoes. I have scrubbed it with brushes and baking soda, used a dry carpet cleaner, and shampooed it with a carpet shampoo machine. Yet, the stain stayed permanently embedded in the carpet. I am always uneasy using carpet shampooers because I do not want my floor to break down and need to be replaced. My subflooring is particle board which cannot tolerate water. With the Rug Doctor Dual Action Pet Tool, I found I was easily able to control how much wetness came out of the Rug Doctor tool. By lightly pressing the soap trigger and releasing it as soon as the rug was wettened, there was not a large amount of water to soak below the carpet. The carpet did get fairly wet though from the soap and water solution. The backing on the carper is rubberized, so hopefully this kept the particle board from becoming overly dampened. This is my main concern when cleaning my carpet. I thought suds would come out the soap nozzle when I pressed the soap trigger. That was not the case. The watery soap solution came out so I had to trust it would not quickly soak below the carpet when I had to leave it on for five minutes as the directions said. I cut the five minutes down to three and was prepared to repeat the cleaning later if it still was necessary. Then, I used the Pet Tool to pull the dampness out of the rug and the 2X suction worked superbly well. In fact, the wetness in my carpet was removed so much, the carpet felt nearly dry to the touch after going over the whole area several times where I had sprayed. I got paper towels to blot it to remove any remaining wetness. To my great surprise, the paper towels hardly got wet at all. There were slight damp areas on the paper towels and a lot of the paper was practically dry. I never have had paper towels stay so dry when patting down the carpet after I had washed it with a sponge or shampoo cleaned it. So, my impression of the Rug Doctor Pet Portable Spot Cleaner is, I believe it is excellent. They took into consideration how much it might need to be used and how to leave the carpet, floor, and subflooring undamaged as well. The strong suction only pulls up along a thin gap across the entire front of the tool, not the whole head of the tool. So, it is strong but does not pull threads out of the carpet at all. The rest of the tool head combs the carpet to help the moisture and hairs come out. This machine is also great when the baby and little kids have an accident. I finally feel reassured that I can clean my carpet as many times as I need to and keep it clean all the time. The Pet Stain and Odor Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner worked better than any other and it is the only kind I will ever use in this machine as per the directions. It worked very fast and where it touched a spot of wood floor next to the rug, the floor became clean in a minute and looks wonderful. This is a truly professional product for home use.Anonymous817
Love this
At the moment I don't have any pet stains that I needed to work on so I decided to try this out on my car seats. I drive with my dog, who sheds a decent amount, pretty often. So needless to say, there is an excess of dog hair on my car seats. My vacuum never gets his hair up so I was not quite sure how well the Rug Doctor would do. I was so surprised (and so grossed out) when I saw the dirty water filling up the container. I could not believe how much dirt the Rug Doctor was getting out of my seats. It was so easy to use and worked great on my seats. I think I'll make it a monthly thing to clean my seats it was so simple. I let my seats dry in the garage with the windows down overnight and they were dry by the next morning. The wheels make it easy to move around and the cord was long enough to reach in my garage, so I see no issues while using this indoors. It was easy to put the clean water in and pour the dirty water out. I have no complaints, this was easy to use and it worked just like it should!smulc54
My new favorite toy
I have a blended family...six kids altogether. And 2 dogs!! This will and has come in handy!! First off there is no set up...yep ready to go. The cleaning solution mixing instructions super easy. I had a pet stain that I tried to clean up with a scrub brush before the rug doctor arrived...I did ok. The rug doctor wiped the stain out completely!! The suction was more than I exspected out of a portable unit. I love this machine.shopper5678
Good Suction!
I have to drive 14 miles down a curvy mountain highway to reach my vet's office. I have four Great Pyrenees that ride in my MINI Cooper to get to the vet (I can only travel with two at a time). These dogs are livestock guardians. They stay in the pasture with their sheep. So, they don't get out much. We don't have many occasions to travel to the vet's office (thank goodness) but they do go at least once a year for their rabies shots. And every single trip at least one of the dogs gets a little sick. I've used baking soda and I've used a spray stain remover but neither works that great. In my home, I have wood flooring with a couple of area rugs so I don't need a full-size carpet cleaner. I thought it would be a good idea to try the Rug Doctor Pet Portable Spot Cleaner for the small jobs that I do have. First, the machine is a bit larger than I anticipated. However, I like the fact that it comes on wheels so it's easy to maneuver. And, it has a retractable handle that adds to the ease of moving it around. The instructions are easy to follow. I removed the water tank and filled it with hot water as instructed. I added the cleaning solution (a sample was provided, thank you!) and replaced the water tank in the machine. The pet tool handily wraps around the bottom of the machine. Just completely unwrap the flexible hose. You can pretreat the stain if needed by pressing the soap trigger to moisten the stain and then let it sit for five minutes. To clean, you want to squeeze and hold the trigger to spray the cleaning solution, keeping the head of the pet tool at a slight angle. You need to pull backward slowly. You can't really scrub the area with a back and forth motion – that will not work. To make sure you remove all of the solution from the carpet, go back over the area without squeezing the trigger. Apply pressure and slowly move the tool over the soiled area to remove the remaining moisture. Once you're through cleaning, remove the wastewater tank by lifting it straight up. Pour the dirty water out. You'll need to remove the float assembly to rinse and dry out the wastewater tank. I am pleased with the job it did on my area rug. Removed the stain and left a nice pleasant odor behind. I did notice the tiniest bit of leaking. Not a problem as long as it remains at this level. Next week, I'll be making a trip to the vet with my dogs. I'm wondering how well the spot cleaner will work in my car. The pet tool head looks rather large. I'm hoping if my dogs do get sick, the vomit doesn't get into a small space. I'll update my review if I have any issues.Lula
Rug Doctor pet portable
This rug doctor pet portable is an awsome little machine. It has a carry handle, and extending handle to roll with easy. The hose is long, and sprayer and suction nozzle is large and sturdy. It's easy to use and works well on new and older stains. The suction is amazing!!DebJoy
This machine is a must have for pet owners
I don't have carpeting. But, I have upholstered furniture, area rugs, and car interiors that need cleaned. Also, I have two dogs that shed a lot. So, I have great use for the Rug Doctor Pet Portable Spot Cleaner. The first thing that stands out about this machine is how portable and easy to store it is. The cord wraps up on the back and the machine has a small footprint. Also, it is easy to maneuver. There are two handles. There's one handle that pulls out to make it easy to pull along and another handle to use when you need to carry it. It is rather light weight; even when there is water in it. The main thing is it really does a fantastic job of deep cleaning and it picks up a lot of fur. Not only does it have powerful suction, the “brush" has silicone type “bristles.” This type of cleaning tool is fantastic at catching all the pet fur and dirt as you clean. These silicone type “bristles" are easy to clean, too. I loved using this portable spot cleaner to clean my upholstered furniture and area rugs in the house. Everything looked so clean and smelled great. It makes cleaning the car interior very easy, also. I recommend this Rug Doctor Pet Portable Spot Cleaner to everyone. It's easy to use and store.Sessra
Where has this been all my life?
Okay we got in the pet portable spot remover from Rug Doctor and guess what my dog stopped going in the house I guess she figured the jig was up. But that didn't stop us from attaching the places she had already visited. The first place we went was our less than a year old mattress. She had wet it down twice, if she had done it again she would be in the pound now. But we were kinda lucky we got to before she was done and it didn't really have much of a chance to soak all the way in. The machine really worked well on that we cleaned it really well and used some spray on it and now you can't tell the dog was ever there. We also went ahead and used it to clean our couches and a spot or two on the rug. It worked great everywhere it is really easy to use. We found that if you keep it level or a little below where your working it sucks better and gets out most of the water you use to clean with. After you use it, all you have to do is rinse it out good and use the long handle to park it back in the closet.OldManme
Spot cleaning
Rug Doctor pet cleaning is easy to use. It's easily portable. Simple assembly with properly fitting water components. No leaking. Nice scrubbing brush attachment with good suction. Did several spots on our high traffic areas and pet stains. Carpet came substantially CV cleaner with 1 use. Thumbs up! Will definitely use.Wendy
Great to have for my busy and messy household!
The Rug Doctor Pet Portable Spot Cleaner came with one 8 fluid ounce bottle of Pet Stain and Odor Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning solution. This spot cleaner weighs about 15 pounds and is very easy to maneuver with its included retractable handle and wheels. I especially like the flexible hose that measures about 5 feet long and the carrying handle that was also preinstalled on the unit. This spot cleaner came with an instruction booklet and the directions were easy to follow. Immediately, I used this spot cleaner on a high traffic area that my dog enters and exits from in the house. The carpeted area was grungy and had a lot of dirt stains. I followed the included instructions and the grunge and stains were easy to remove. While I was removing the soapy water from the carpet, I did notice that I accidentally depressed the soap button three times without wanting to. The soap trigger button is located at the bottom of the Dual Action Pet Tool/Handle. While cleaning up the soapy dirty water, I like to get right on top of the affected area. That meant that I had to move my hand higher up the Dual Action Pet Tool/Handle. But while my hand was there, I accidentally pressed the soap trigger button and then had to go over the same spot several times to suck up the extra released water and soap. A better spot for the soap trigger button would be on the side of the handle to prevent the accidental disbursement of the soapy water. Overall, the Rug Doctor Pet Portable Spot Cleaner is great to have for my busy and messy household and I would recommend it to family and friends.Reviewer91

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