Christmas Music

Kiss - Psycho Circus - Vinyl

Vinyl LP re-release of Kiss 1998 album, PSYCHO CIRCUS, which features the singles Psycho Circus, We Are One and You Wanted the Best. Psycho Circus (Vinyl)

Kiss - Asylum - Vinyl

Vinyl LP re-release of Kiss 1985 album, ASYLUM, which features the single Tears are Falling. Asylum (Vinyl)

Kiss - Destroyer - Vinyl

180g audiophile vinyl LP repressing of the band's 1976 album. Celebrating four decades of decibels, Kiss, Mercury Records and UMe proudly announce reissuing the legendary Kiss albums on 180g audiophile vinyl. Remastered to high definition 192kHz/24-bit audio for maximum fidelity, . Kiss - Destroyer - Vinyl:these albums have never sounded so amazing and vinyl collectors will get what they've been demanding. All posters, ...