Dirt Devil 082500 Breeze Bagless Canister Vacuum


The Dirt Devil Breeze Bagless canister vacuum cleaner can be classified as a vacuum cleaner designer‘s work of art. This smart structured bagless canister vacuum cleaner works by combining lightweight maneuverability and powerful cleaning power. This is without a doubt something that every housewife dreams about when they are out there looking for a vacuum cleaner that is good enough to fit their daily activity of house cleaning and other heavy duty cleaning that requires the help of a vacuum cleaner to work with.

The Dirt Devil Breeze bagless canister vacuum cleaner uses a 12-amp motor with an eleven inch carpet nozzle. Because of its bagless technology, it can clean your house thoroughly over the hours without full-size bulk or messy bags with a breeze.

This technology is a very convenient technology especially for those who live alone in an apartment or boys in their dormitories who doesn’t like cleaning too much. The dirt collected by the vacuum cleaner will be collected in a cup that pops off easily with a tweak of a simple mechanism that is conveniently transparent.

The Dirt Devil Breeze bagless canister vacuum also employs a Permafilter that is located inside the dirt cup to help the vacuum cleaner by filtering dust and debris. The permafilter technology is also intended to prolong the vacuum cleaner’s active usage life as long as it is used for regular cleaning. If the Permafilter is not enough, the Micro Fresh filter will trap as much as ninety nine percent of dust allergens that get sucked into the machine making it a very friendly tool for those with allergies.

Dirt Devil Breeze Bagless Canister Vacuum Features

  • On-board tools intended for all-surface cleaning along with carpet nozzles and bare floor brush
  • MicroFresh filtration designed to trap allergens for up to 99%
  • Maximum vacuuming power with a 12-amp motor
  • Compact, smart, lightweight design to provide easy maneuvering
  • 20-foot power cord

The Dirt Devil Breeze bagless canister vacuum cleaner comes with a carrying strap intended for above-floor cleaning. It is smart structurally and can rest steadily whether you put it in an upright or even on flat position. The machine is also equipped with a stretch hose that can be applied with a ten inch floor nozzle with two extension wands, a crevice tool, a dusting brush, a tool clip on the extension wand and two carrying handles. By using all of the extra tools included in the purchase of the Dirt Devil Breeze canister vacuum cleaner, you can easily clean up your entire house from the easy to spot dirt on the floor to your curtains and even your bookshelves.

You won’t have to worry about mobility because the Dirt Devil Breeze bagless canister vacuum cleaner also have a great three hundred and sixty degree swiveling front wheel so you can twist and twirl all you want when you are doing your household chores. The suction power is also its strong point as it is equipped with a twelve amp Maximum Vacuum Power Motor with a quick release clip intended for the dual power cord hooks

People who have used the Dirt Devil Breeze bagless canister vacuum cleaner commented on how well the vacuum cleaner works with household environments with a lot of pets. The suction power combined with the filters used in this canister vacuum cleaner design is especially helpful with people with allergies and such.