Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal Canister Vacuum

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Brand Name Dyson
Model 65024-01
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The Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal Canister Vacuum is the first Dyson canister vacuum with Dyson Cinetic science. The Dyson Cinetic science is so efficient, that the Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal vacuum doesn’t need to rely on filters to trap dust as other vacuums do, so there is no pre-motor filter. This means there are no dirty filters to wash or replace, and it never loses suction. A tangle-free turbine tool is also included for removing pet hair and cleaning pet beds, stairs, and other locations.


Dyson Cinetic science
The Dyson Cinetic Animal vacuum is the only vacuum that doesn’t lose suction. And that’s because Dyson Cinetic science has revolutionized vacuum cleaner technology – it captures the microscopic dust that clogs all others. Dyson Cinetic tips oscillate at up to 5,000 Hz, separating the microscopic dust that clogs all other vacuums, and preventing dust building up and blocking the airflow. In fact, dust separation is so efficient that a pre-motor filter is simply not necessary.

No bags to buy, no dirty filters to wash or replace
The only vacuum with no dirty filters to wash or replace and no bags to buy, so there’s no clogging and no loss of suction.

Ball technology
Turns on the spot and follows you effortlessly around the home, without the awkward moves. All of the vacuum’s key components are housed within the ball itself, including the electronics, the motor, the pre-motor filter and 21 feet of power cord. This creates a low center of gravity and provides stability. Dyson Ball canister vacuums have a central steering mechanism, so they follow accurately as you pull them along.

Latest carbon fiber turbinehead
Dyson brush bars are different. They have a row of anti-static carbon fiber filaments to remove fine dust from hard floors, and stiff nylon brushes remove ground-in dirt from carpets. There’s no need to adjust anything when moving from one floor type to another.

Designed for homes with pets
The Tangle-free Turbine tool is the only turbine tool that doesn’t tangle. Counter-rotating heads with brushes remove hair from carpets and upholstery, so there’s no brush bar for hair to wrap around. The flexible heads bend to maintain contact across uneven surfaces, and they’re positioned so that the brushes reach to the front and sides of the tool – drawing hair and dirt in from all directions.

Hygienic bin emptying
Press a button to release its bin when it’s full. The button opens from the bottom to directly release pet hair, dust, and other particles into your trash can.

Whole-machine HEPA filtration
Dyson Cinetic science captures allergens and bacteria. And the whole system is engineered to be completely sealed. That’s helped the Dyson Cinetic vacuum become certified asthma & allergy friendly by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America.


Weight : 15.7 lbs
Suction Power : 230AW
Bin Volume : 0.53 gallons
Cord Length : 21.3ft
Maximum Reach : 32.8ft
Dimensions (HxWxD) : 20 x 10 x 14 inches

You Save : $180.45Best Price

 Customer Reviews

Dyson Cinetic Animal: Best Canister Vacuum
The Dyson Cinetic Animal is an excellent vacuum--undoubtedly the best canister vacuum on the market today.

Our first Dyson vacuum was the DC65 Animal (upright), which we purchased in September 2014. Two of that vacuum's top features I immediately noticed are its maneuverability and light weight. After six or seven weeks following a total hip replacement I was able to try the new vacuum for the first time—while still hobbling around with a cane. It is that easy to use.

So I was eagerly anticipating the new Dyson Cinetic Animal canister model, hoping it would be as user-friendly as our DC65 Animal upright model. The new Cinetic Animal snapped together in a matter of minutes—no engineering degree required. Still a bit sore from my major surgery in September, I was curious as to the stress a canister vacuum might put on me. One of the Cinetic Animal's features I had noticed first is the quietness of the new technology. Other brands we've owned were excessively loud and sent our two cats running from the room. There is a bit of maneuvering one must get used to as the main body of the unit does trail behind the user. But this quickly becomes second nature rather quickly.

Aside from the new Cinetic Animal being a filter-less vacuum, which is a wonderful feature, I am now able to clean beneath beds, the dining room table and other smaller tables, and between tight spaces populated with furniture. The benefit of the Cinetic Animal for the user is that one does not have to move beds, dining room tables, or other heavy furniture in order to clean. A fact I appreciate walking with a new hip.

In addition, the Cinetic Animal's main unit can be carried in one hand (by the handle) while cleaning with the wand in the other hand. This does require some strength and a bit of stamina so please be careful in trying this. It is an alternative method to cleaning, but not necessary.

The new Cinetic Animal canister has an auto-windup feature making cord retraction effortless. Push one button and you're done.

As a pet owner living in a 3000 square-foot home with two cats, I vacuum almost every day. The hair they both shed lands and blows in many places. The new Cinetic Animal canister model is the perfect complement to our DC65 Animal upright in collecting this hair. I couldn't imagine living in our home now without both vacuums.Scottlyons1956
My favorite vacuum hands down!
My Family knows me as the Woman of many vacuums over the years. I recently traded my list of vacuums to the Dyson family.
I put this Dyson Kinetic Animal to the test on my home to see if it would meet my standards of living. Let me tell you this little machine is packed with power and has the suction it says it has. I have a two story home with hard floors and carpet. Two Great Danes and a Boxer, this vacuum was easy to maneuver around my home it picked up pet hair and cleaned my big wool rugs downstairs better than ever. The biggest improvement to this line of vacuum is that there is no filter to wash! (Yahoo!) The extension cord is long too which is a plus. Dyson has really improved the product with this gem. I recommend this vacuum to anyone that is looking for deep cleaning and easy to use.peanut3
Another Excellent Dyson Product
We have been enjoying the use of Dyson Products for many years specifically the Dyson DC17 Animal. It has always done the job required especially with having 2 dogs in the house. When receiving the new Dyson Cinetic Animal I thought back to the days of the old canister vacuums but the difference here is the unit is very light weight and just glides over the floor surface. The telescoping wand is very easy to extend to the proper length for the user. This Dyson vacuum is just like the rest and cleans the bare floors and rugs with no issues. I really thought for the indoor outdoor mat in front of our door I was going to need the DC17 but the Cinetic Animal was excellent and made quick work of this mat. The cord retracts very easily by the touch of a button on top of the canister. The bonus again on this vacuum users are going to love is how light and easy to move it is allowing more people to be able to use it.
New Dyson Cinetic Animal Review
We received our new Dyson Cinetic Animal five days ago. We immediately vacuumed our entire home. We received the canister Dyson instead of the up-right model. We prefer canister type because it is easier to use in our home. This Dyson follows easily and does not bind or turn on its side when making sharp turns. The floor brush bar is two inches wider that our other Dyson canister model. This new Dyson is larger and it cleans all floor surface excellently, including dog hair from our large lab/border collie. Our dog sheds a lot. In addition this new Dyson Cinetic no longer has any filters to remove an clean. This feature alone saves time and maintenance. The bin is larger and is easier to open and expel all dust and hair. This is the best cleaning device we have ever owned.gen3289
New Dyson Holy Cow!
The new Dyson has tremendous suction and I like the idea that you have less maintenance. The filtration is great on it as well. The two different rows of bristles makes is pretty versatile and makes it possible to go from Carpet to Hard floor easily. I also used the pet hair tool on the stairs and our furniture and that worked well easily. The only thing I found annoying but this is inherent to bagless vacuums is when you empty it out, you should be outside. Some of the finer particles are fairly light and can easily be kicked back up into the room. This can be messy but if you are careful enough it won't matter. This vac is also quieter than most vacs out there. You can almost have a normal conversation in the room while it's on.dysong0d
I own a dc47 animal and vacuum my carpet about a week earlier before receiving the dyson cinetic animal canister. I was amaze what the dc47 left behind, literally so much dirt. The cinetic animal picked up dirt deep down the carpet, and when i say deep down.. i mean under the actual carpet. The bin immediately was full just on the first run. When you empty the bin you can actually see the smallest dirt and dust it picks up which is incredible. The attachments are easy to put on and get the job done. The best thing about this machine is that it doesnt use any filters. It is on the heavy side but who's going to be vacuuming for more than 10 to 15 minutes right?. I highly recommend this machine to anyone who want to get rid of all the dirt and dust hiding under your carpet.klaim24
Amazing suction!
This vacuum has super suction! It transitions well from carpeting to hard floor surfaces. Size of machine allows it to sit well on a stair so that you can easily clean top steps without fear of it falling. The turbo attachment is wonderful on the stairs. Fluffs up the pile while it cleans. The spinning head with brushes in the attachment coupled with the Cinetic technology must be the key. Retractable cord is a nice feature, just wish the cord was a bit longer. I would like to have had a larger max fill line on the bin. I have a Sheltie with lovely long fluffy hair and a fluffy undercoat and a fluffy cat. I had to empty the bin quite often. If the bin was bigger it would have been a 5 star review. Overall vacuum was great, packaging was nice. No "tools" necessary to unpack vacuum. Yeah! Dyson, your vacuums just keep getting better and better!
Not bad.
Similar in power to our first Dyson DC14 upright and quieter. Doesn't "fluff" or "refresh" the carpet as much as the DC14 but it definitely picks up the same amount of dirt and is overall more versatile. It's nice that controls that are at "foot level" (power and cord) can actually be triggered with your foot. I like that you don't have to change modes to move from carpet to hard surface. Lighter than the DC14 but because it's a canister you do more bending over to move it from place to place. Retractable cord is nice, but is shorter than the DC14s. Rolls around fairly easily. Not having a replaceable filter to forget to clean is a definite plus.JTurn
Dyson Cinetic Animal
I am very happy with the canister type vacuum, I have only owned uprights previously. It was a Dyson upright that I owned for 6 years before deciding to upgrade.

The only reason I gave 4 stars instead of 5 stars is because when emptying the canister, it can be difficult to get everything out of it, particularly in the back where the hinge is on the canister. I have 2 dogs and I vacuum VERY regularly! I have even tried to only vacuum one room and not let it reach the full line to see if it would be easier to empty to no avail.srbrz18
brush not self motorized.
I had Dyson DC17 animal before and after 5 year finally try Canister for first time. both Power and brush function is lacked and machine only last me 2 years.Leo71

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