Dyson DC33 Multi floor

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Brand Name Dyson
Model 205062-01
Rating ★★★★½ 
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It is obvious that you need a new canister vacuum. The old vacuum could not help you to clean your house effectively anymore. However, you do not know the best canister vacuum to replace the old one. Here, you have to try Dyson DC33 Multi floor. You would find that there are some reasons why you should own it. There would be some reviews from the users. They explain why they choose to use Dyson DC33 instead of the other brands.

The first reason is the suction power of Dyson DC33. The customers are really satisfied with the suction power of Dyson DC33. They stated that they found what they were looking for. The customers even compared the suction power of Dyson DC33 with the other brands. In the end, they admitted that this brand is more powerful than the others. They could see the difference in the carpet before the cleaning process. Moreover, they also found that Dyson DC33 is suitable to clean all types of floor such as the carpet, tile, vinyl and wood. Therefore, they do not have to own more than one vacuum to clean their house because Dyson DC33 could handle every type. Most users agree that this vacuum also effective to clean the pet’s hair. One user had some experiments with the vacuum, she used it to clean the dirty t-shirt, In the end, she could not find any pet’s hair on the t-shirt.

Next, the customers are also satisfied with the length of the cord. The Dyson DC33 has 35 feet cord that enables the user to reach the longer area. One user stated that she could do the entire floor by plugging the vacuum on the single outlet. She did not have to unplug and re-plug the cord so that her work was more efficient. Moreover, it is also found that the other users satisfied with the length of the cord. They feel that they could work without any nuisance. The length of the cord helps them a lot in cleaning the house easily.

Moreover, the users also love the larger dustbin within Dyson DC33. It is found that the larger size of the dustbin help them a lot during the cleaning time. The users could do the cleaning for longer time. They do not have to empty the dustbin while cleaning the floor. In addition, one user admitted that she did not find any difficulty to dump. She only had to hold the canister and dump the whole junk to the garbage. More users had the same experience and they think that the dustbin and the canister are really handy.

Not forget, the users feel that it is really easy to user Dyson DC33. They can do all the maneuvers effortlessly. They do not have to use all of their strength to move the vacuum from one place to another place. They also thought that this vacuum were really flexible. They could use it to clean the difficult areas within their house. Moreover, the users also think that the weight of Dyson DC33 is acceptable. The weight is really light for a large vacuum. Therefore, they think that this vacuum is really easy to carry. One user stated that she almost could not believe that this vacuum was not as heavy as she thought. She could carry her Dyson DC33 from one room to the others without any difficulties.

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 Customer Reviews

Love my Dyson!!!
This is my 3rd Dyson, and second of this model ( the first Dyson went to live with my dad, the second is our Downstairs vacuum and this one is for upstairs.) I am a vacuum snob and have owned many from Hoover, Eureka to Orek. This Dyson is by far my favorite. It is easy to push and manure, it really picks up debris and dirt from the carpet leaving the carpet looking groomed and clean. It is easy for my kids to use and it has a really long cord so you don't have to constantly finding a different place to plug it in at. My Dyson works well for picking up the pet hair from carpet, hard wood floors, furniture and throw pillows. The only down side it that is it a little heavy to drag upstairs, but everything else about tho vacuum is awesome which makes it worth owning, I found a great Black Friday price so I bought one for upstairs. Make sure that you clean your filters and let them air dry every few months, it really helps and it is super easy to do. Overall, this is the best vacuum I have ever owned and can't imagine buying anything else.The2BoysMommy
Love, Love My Dyson!
I've always heard good things about Dyson Vacs, but just couldn't really see paying that much for something that picks up dirt! So when this went on sale, I thought why not. I've used a Filter Queen for years. When my Dyson came, it was easy to put together. I vaccumed the entire house & was really disgusted when I checked the canister & found all this dirt. The Dyson did a great job! The only thing I wish was different is it would automatically height adjust from carpet to hardwood flooring. This model doesn't like bathroom rugs and the rotating bar should like it jams I guess because of the suction being so strong.tinkerette
Best Vacuum I've Ever Had
My daughter bought me this exact one for Christmas and I absolutely LOVE it. Married for 30 yrs I've gone thru a zillion other vacuums in these 30 yrs and none of them can compare to this one. I saw a huge difference when I first vacuumed my carpets...and my carpets are still considered brand new to me after 6 mos. But when I vacuumed the carpet with my other vacuum and then I vacuumed another area with my new Dyson my daughter had bought me...I had to double check my vision lol...My hubby even was shocked at what he was seeing. I LOVE all the tools that came with it too. It's so easy cleaning my dryer vent now with the tools. I bought this for my niece's shower with the bundle (car cleaning kit) all the same price...I couldn't go wrong.

I most definitely would recommend this vacuum to anyone...it's the best!!!DoeZ0763
Finally replaced the old vacuum
We purchased this vacuum (DC33), as our old DC14 FINALLY started to poop out on us (after 11 years!!). We loved our DC14 so much, and wanted to get a Dyson that was most like it, which the DC33 fit. This seems to be the last of the Dyson vacuums without the 'ball' thing that helps navigate. My only complaint is that the wand on the new vacuum (DC33) is plasic; the DC14 had an aluminum wand. I can see it perhaps breaking if handled too roughly. Seriously though, I cannot see that happening unless you are sword fighting with it, or are EXTREMELY careless. I love it so far!!!
Also, the cord is very nice. We have a big house, so 30 feet is VERY welcomeMeggie
Very pleased!
The DC33 has incredible suction. It is really pulling up the very fine dirt in my carpet. It glides much better over my tile than me Electrolux. My only complaint is the hose seems short and the vacuum wants to roll when I try to stretch it during use. I liked the hose assembly on my Electrolux better, but the Dyson has better suction. My neighbor let me borrow her DC33 before I ordered mine. I thought it did a great job, and it's 14 years old! My new one is exactly the same as hers. I'm thinking, Don't mess with a good thing!Imateachin
I am so happy with this purchase! I had no idea how gross my floors were until this baby came along and sucked up three years of dust and pet hair that my old hunk of junk left behind. The carpet feels fluffier and the house just "feels" cleaner.

The cord is so long that I don't have to constantly unplug and plug it in. . .that's a time saver. The canister is easy to remove and empty. It took me a while to figure out the tool set up, but that might not be the fault of the vacuum.

Great value great vacuum!Pegsta
best vacuum!!
I was undecided between the shark professional and this dyson and I am so happy I spent the extra $50.00 for this one. This vacuum is in my opinion made a little more solid and is much lighter then my previous dyson, which lasted me 10 years. Was hesitant to spend to much however 300.00 is a fair price for this vacuum, especially if it last me 10 years like my last one.kerleigh
We like the product
This sweeper allows for one hand disposal of sweepings. Others need two hands plus much good luck. Others had much smaller "dirt cups" needing to be dumped more often. We have two big hairy dogs and I am very aware of how often the "dirt cup" needs attention!
This is our second Dyson.45red127
Returned Vacuum
I would not recommend this product to anyone. When I ordered this product online I read great reviews for it. When I started to vacuum the Dyson made this horrible loud noise. So I took the vacuum back and ordered a new one thinking that I just got a defected one. The new vacuum that I just ordered is also making that same loud horrible noise. I am taking it back and not getting another Dyson.MitchellM2
Not expected
This Vacuum was a disappointment. Starters it is too heavy and bulky. I used it twice and the belt came off, to complicated to put back on. Everything is awkwardly made, the suction handle is too long. Maybe it is me, I am a simple person when it comes to vacuums. If you like awkward, complicated, bulky and heavy vacuums well this is the one for you. I took back to store not long after purchase.JamillaS

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