Electrolux EL6984A UltraSilencer Green Canister Vacuum Cleaner


Are you looking for the best canister vacuum? Have you ever heard about Electrolux EL6984A Ultra Silencer Green Canister Vacuum Cleaner? This vacuum cleaner is really suitable for you who want to keep the environment as well as having a high quality vacuum cleaner. There are some aspects why this brand could not be compared with the others. The users would explain why they bought this vacuum cleaner instead of the other brands.

The Electrolux ultra silencer is a canister vacuum cleaner that is specially designed by Electrolux to accommodate your house cleaning needs with extra comfort and silence as the product name implies. It is equipped with a high efficiency motor for extra cleaning strength and crafted as such to work with only 60 dBA (a measurement for noise filter decibel for human hearing) noise output. 60 dBA is mostly corresponded with conversational noise at one square meter away from us while most vacuum cleaner noise is rated around 70 dBA. In comparison, the Electrolux ultra silencer is far quieter than the average vacuum cleaner and works with the same to greater efficiency to most vacuum cleaners out there.

The Electrolux ultra silencer is also considered as an eco-friendly product design. 55% of its total build materials are recycled materials and up to 80% of its packaging is made from unbleached recycled cardboards. This is a part of Electrolux’s effort to keep the world green and to provide the market’s demand of top quality products that is friendly to nature. You will not be disappointed in buying the product as you are involved in a great cause of natural resources preservation attempt by buying the product

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Electrolux EL6984A Feature and Spesifications

  • The Electrolux ultra silencer features user friendly parts such as its large wheels for easy mobility, automated lever to adjust the cleaning from rugs and carpets to hardwood floor cleaning with added accessory tools like telescopic tube, a hose (equipped with its handle), crevice tool, and combo nozzle/brush that enables you to clean curtains or bookshelves and such.
  • It is also equipped with high efficiency motor, low noise output, bag-full indicator, foot on/off button, a carrying handle, replaceable motor filter and of course an adjustable suction power on both the vacuum cleaner and on the hose handle.
  • For compact storage, there is a foot pedal available to rewind the cord into the vacuum cleaner.
  • The dimension is made slim and stylish with only 11 ½ by 11 by 14 inches in measurement which is perfect for your home or apartment use.

Electrolux EL6984A Canister Vacuum Cleaner Review
The Electrolux ultra silencer had been receiving many great reviews mainly concerning its low noise output and its high quality cleaning performance. It is usually remarked for its easy handling and great mobility around the house when you have to do multiple maneuvers while you have to do your cleaning.

While some people questions the suction power due to its light weight and small stature, you would be surprised in how great the Electrolux ultra silencer can perform, as its slim figure are proven to be misguiding for some of its purchaser. Working while putting your baby to sleep would not be a big problem anymore as you could set the sound control to minimum and enjoy a humming like vibrating sound instead of a mini jet plane sound most vacuum cleaners have. People with high affinity to nature would also celebrate its nature friendly material and packaging as a way to conserve our mother nature’s exhaustible natural resources.