Electrolux UltraActive DeepClean Bagless Canister Vacuum

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Model DeepClean EL4300B
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The Electrolux UltraActive Bagless Canister Vacuum is a great choice for those looking for a machine that is able to clean any home. This vacuum features a HEPA system which removes almost 100% of dust from the environment. This is a great feature for those who suffer with allergies.

Another unique feature about the Electrolux Bagless Canister Vacuum is the telescopic wand. This feature makes it simple to reach into tough spaces and remove dust with ease. This is also a great feature for cleaning stairs as it makes it easy to reach into the crease between them. The Electrolux UltraActive offers superior suction ability, 2100W, which sets it apart from the competition.

Electrolux UltraActive Bagless Canister Vacuum Features:

  • HEPA system which removes almost 100% of dust from the environment
  • Telescopic wand ( makes it simple to reach into tough spaces and remove dust with ease)
  • Powerful Motor (12 Amps Cyclonic Power)
  • Superior suction ability
  • DeepClean power head
  • Ergoshock bumper
  • Easy empty dust cup
  • Compact storage
  • 5-Year Limited Warranty

For the amount of suction power in the Electrolux Vacuum, it is fairly quiet. The canister is able to handle a few uses before needing to be emptied. When the canister is full, it is easily removed and emptied and does not cause a mess during the process. There is no reason to worry about buying bags as this is a completely bagless system.

Compact StorageIf storage space is an issue in your home, the Electrolux UltraActive is a great option as it is a compact vaccum and can easily be stored in a smaller amount of space than a traditional vacuum. The compact size of the machine also makes it easier to maneuver it through smaller spaces. There is also an included attachment with this model that allows you to clean even the toughest spaces. Another great feature of this vacuum is the Ergoshock bumper and hose system which allows you to move the cleaning hose with ease.

Overall, the Electrolux UltraActive Bagless Canister Vacuum is a wonderful choice to clean any home environment. Pet hair, dust, allergens, and hard to reach places are no problem for this machine.

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 Customer Reviews

Almost exactly 1 year ago, we rescued a dog; a light-tan terrier mix who sheds a bit. So we bought a Dyson DC 23 (or DC 25, not exactly sure, sorry) canister vacuum to help with the dog hair. I loved that vacuum for floors and FLAT rugs!
We just bought a new slate grey SHAG rug, and sadly, the Dyson is NOT AT ALL good at cleaning shag rugs, so it was time to replace that vacuum. After quite a lot of research reading reviews and comparing pros and cons, I ordered the "Electrolux UltraActive DeepClean Bagless Vacuum - EL4300B."
I opened the box last night and assembled it (easy enough) then tackled the shag rug; WOW! I was AMAZED at how much dog hair, fuzz and dust/dirt it sucked up!!! (And we vacuum religiously!) I also used it on our flat rugs and wood floors. I loved being able to adjust the vacuum head height when transitioning from thicker to thinner rug to floor by just clicking a button with my foot!
It is definitely heavier than the Dyson. And pushing/pulling the head around is not as easy as the Dyson, (because it's a bit heavier) BUT the Dyson DID NOT clean our shag rug - so who cares?
Two of the separate attachments fit right into the handle, so they're quite conveniently located and easy to pull out for use. (I even used the small brush to dust the tops of the furniture while the vacuum ran, to avoid having to go get a dust cloth, and the bristles were soft enough not to risk scratches.) Two of the other attachments I just left in the closet - I probably won't be using those and wasn't sure where to put them on the actual vacuum anyway.
There were several other vacuums I liked when researching, but they did not have attachments - or there was no way to keep them WITH the vacuum. This vacuum solved that concern. I also like that it has filters to help keep the dust being vacuumed from being spit back out into the room.
After my first experience using it, I LOVE this vacuum. I can't comment on longevity yet, but it got pretty good reviews in that apartment also. (Unlike a different Electrolux I had considered.) If you have a variety of floor surfaces - including a shag rug, this seems like the vacuum for you!DocteurMom
Awesome vaccum
I recently purchased this vaccum and was a little hesitant, but I absolutely love it!!! It picks things up wonderfully. The first time I used it, I couldn't believe all that it had picked up that my old vacuum was not picking up. Super powerful suction on both carpet and hard floors. I would definitely recommend this vaccum. I like it so much, I want to use it every day (well, almost) :)Vacuumingmaniac101
Done with cheap vacumes!
Im the mom that has to get a new vacuum every year. Well I got tired of it. My mothr has had a Electrolux that her parents gave her for 20+ years. I was torn between this vacuum and the Dyson, I just could not see parting with 500 dollars for a vacuum regardless of how awesome its suppose to be. Another thing that sold me on this vacuum is the power-head brush, the dyson was suction driven which didnt particular sit well with me because they usually stop working after they have lost a little bit of suction. So I went with the Electrolux to save my mind and my wallet, and Im extremely happy I did. A lot of vacuum without having to spend a arm and a leg. I have mostly hardwood floors throughout my house and I couldnt mind a vacuum that did a good job on my area rugs AND my hardwoods without having to use 15095409 attachments. I can turn the brush off when on hard floors and back on when on rugs. Highly recommend this American Classic.RTLB
Eightless compare to Dyson.
Has great sucking power. It virtually quiet less. No bags to replace.
I compared the upright Dyson from my daughter to the Electrolux. Electrolux wins hands down!
In the pickup mode, still sucks up the carpet in the highest setting.
Very satisfied.elcleanfreako
Amazing, cleans better than any cleaner
My Husband ran the cleaner in the livingroom. I was amazed how much dirt and
cat hair the cleaner picked up. It is light weight and very powerfulpugalover
Overall -Excellent Vacuum.
After being loyal to another brand for several decades, I was let down when I purchased their vacuum last year and had the hinges on the cover break in only 8 months (couldn't be fixed)! Thus began a search for a canister vac with no bag, hepa filter, good suction and not an exorbitant price tag. I checked out at least one model from each manufacturer that I could locate on the web, and settled on Electrolux. Their reputation was definitely a factor, as was the power, which is at the high end of the home models range.
The tools are all carried onboard -definitely a plus and attach and release easily. My first test was my no-wax kitchen floor, which I had steam cleaned about a week ago. This vacuum sucked up so much stuff (which I watched fly around the clear dirt bin) I was momentarily afraid that it might be taking the top layer of floor off. Actually, it had just pulled all the dust and gunk out from under the fridge, which I couldn't reach either by brush or my old vac.
My second test was an off-white living room rug. Again, it cleaned so deeply and throughly, that the rug actually looked a shade or two lighter in color!
I have tried all the tools in various ways around the house, and found them easy to use. I also like the ability to turn the brush roller in the floor head on and off from the handle. This allows you to move from a carpet (brush roller on) to bare floors (brush off) quickly and easily without having to stop for adjustments.
The only negatives I have so far are first, the extendable wand is more than adequate in length, but somewhat heavy when working overhead or on above-ground moldings,etc.; second
the floor head is a little thicker in height than I am used to and may not fit all the way under your furniture, is you are dealing with short legs (2+" or less). The height problem can be compensated for by using the "bare floors" attachment, but it is a little annoying to have to finish a rug by changing an attachment to get under just the couch! It is because of these two inconveniences that I am giving this unit four stars instead of five. In every other way it out-cleans any vacuum I have had in the past. Definitely a work saving machine worth the cost (and much less than Dyson, which didn't work well enough in the store for me to even consider it).ZipKleen
Good Vac
I like how light it is. And where you twist the handle and the head changes course or can lay flat to go under things the height of the head. Good suction. Cons the dumping is little work due to washing the filter. I've only used once but the cleaning seems very good. Hey I'm glad I bought it.Biglee
very good prouduct.
It has good suction rolls easily and easy to clean. I can get it up and down the stairs easily.I have owned many Elecrolux Vacuums and been pleased with all of them.Rainerrain
power head is great, suction not good
The power head works great, but the suction on bare floors is not there. I purchased this so I didn't have to use two vacuums, but I still have to. I am not really happy with this machine.heler2
Leaves a lot to be desired cheaper models
Good suction, cleans very well when it works

- hose too short
- controls not on the handle
- attachments are pretty much useless - do not last long; cant find replacement brushes
- cannot use generic attachments as the attachment fitting is slotted and oval instead of round
- After less than one year, the connection between the motorized roll bar and the upright broke off completely
- cannot store attachments inside body - only two attachments fit on the handle and are constantly knocked off during use; there is no place to store the 3rd attachmenttraveler02760