Hoover WindTunnel Canister Vacuum, Electronic Bagless, S3765-040


The Hoover Wind Tunnel canister vacuum is one of Hoover’s latest invention that points out that not only performance matters, the looks also matters. The unique canister vacuum cleaner is exteriorly designed to have the savvy look with the appearance of a knight in a shining armor that not only can work as an analogy for the looks but also for its performance. By using the Wind Tunnel technology, the dirt particles entering the machine is cleverly ducted away to ensure they are captured and filtered by the bagless dirt cup. This will ensure that the dirt particle that is already sucked inside the vacuum is not going back onto the carpet.

The C-3PO look alike is also equipped with two soft but large wheels to ensure your maximum mobility inside the house. You can go around the house without feeling exhausted from a full house cleaning day since you practically only have to push around your vacuum cleaner. Your back will also be saved from the extra strain from bending over to push the control button as the Hoover Wind Tunnel canister vacuum features an electronic control buttons on its handgrip so you can freely control the power of its suction etc. leisurely.

Hoover WindTunnel Canister Vacuum Features

  • Bagless canister vacuum that uses the Wind Tunnel Technology
  • Low profile styling on its 15 power Nozzle to clean even the most secluded spaces
  • Super easy handling and usage with deluxe pump handle design
  • Great maneuvering flexibility and suction variation with finger touch variable speed control
  • HEPA filter included; 1 year warranty included

The Hoover Wind Tunnel canister vacuum uses air ducts that are designed specially to provide powerful dual air stream when it is used. This is intended to enhance the Hoover Wind Tunnel canister vacuum’s dirt pick up capabilities and to reduce the debris from scattering which is a common problem for many ordinary canister vacuum cleaners. It is also equipped with the Wind Tunnel Baglees Power Nozzle Canister designed for your comfort in cleaning as it is equipped with electronic finger-touch variable speed control so you can switch the brush roll power on/off switches remotely to pick up even the tiniest debris which is simply incomparable to other canister vacuum cleaners.

The Hoover Wind Tunnel canister vacuum cleaner has a dimension of 28.1 x 15.7 x 13.5 inches weighing 30 pounds. Its shipping weight is 29 pounds and unfortunately can only be shipped within the United States for the time being.

Hoover WindTunnel Canister Vacuum Review

People who already bought the Hoover Wind Tunnel canister vacuum cleaner mostly give credits to its very aggressive beater bar and its incredible suction. Its excellent design with its easy finger controls is also credited to be one of its many strong points. You would also like its easy access to its wand and tools backed up with its automatic cord recoil.

For your easy use and comfort, the Hoover Wind Tunnel canister vacuum also has a nice and flexible hose and is a very conveniently designed with a handle so you can carry it easily. With its savvy look and its ease of usage you can rest assured that all of your household cleaning chores will be like a walk in the park with the Hoover Wind Tunnel canister vacuum cleaner as it also feature a no bag technology for your convenience and comfort while you are doing your cleaning.