Alive (remastered) (Remaster) (CD)

Brand Name KISS
Rating ★★★★¼ 
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This deluxe reissue features remastering from the master tapes and upgraded packaging restoring original LP artwork, plus a full-color 12-page photo booklet. Highlights on the 2-CD set include wild live versions of such hits and favorites as quot;Deuce,quot; quot;Strutter,quot; quot; quot;Cold Gin,quot; quot;Cmon And Love Me,quot; quot;Rock And Roll All Nitequot; and much more.

Alive (remastered) (Remaster) (CD)
Alive (remastered) (Remaster) (CD)
Alive (remastered) (Remaster)
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 Customer Reviews

Rock and Roll All Night, Baby!
This is Kiss in their prime, at least in my opinion. It's before the over-produced (but still highly enjoyable) Destroyer, it's before the bubble-gum hard rock of Love Gun and Rock and Roll Over, and it's before the corporate rock of their later albums. This is when Kiss had a unique sound with a unique look and they were taking America by storm. Side four of the original double album (the last four songs) is the single greatest live rock recording ever. Period.skywire
The real Kiss
Great album I grew up with, back to when the real band was together, and with thankfully no editing / censoring in by the Walmart morality police. Pretty funny considering some of the subject matter of these songs.JoeRockHead

Awesome cd but they cut too much of the talking in between songswilliam

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