Atrix Backpack HEPA Vacuum, Black

Brand Name Atrix
Model VACBP1
Rating ★★★★½ 
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Atrix Backpack HEPA Vacuum [VACBP1]

Atrix Backpack HEPA Vacuum, BlackAtrix Backpack HEPA Vacuum, BlackAtrix Backpack HEPA Vacuum, BlackAtrix Backpack HEPA Vacuum, BlackAtrix Backpack HEPA Vacuum, BlackAtrix Backpack HEPA Vacuum, BlackAtrix Backpack HEPA Vacuum, BlackAtrix Backpack HEPA Vacuum, Black
Atrix Backpack HEPA Vacuum, Black
The Atrix ERGO backpack VACBP1 is an excellent and economical option for pest control, janitorial, offices, and warehouse applications. The ERGO backpack is lightweight, safe and low profile making it comfortable for the professional cleaner to wear for a long duration of time. It is powerful with its 1,400 watt cleaning power which produces 106 CFM. The vacuum provides four levels of filtration which consists of an eight quart HEPA bag, cloth shake out bag, HEPA premotor filter, and an exhaust filter. The ERGO backpack vacuum can be adjusted to left or right hand operation and easily converts to a blower providing an extra cleaning dimension. The vacuum can capture everything from bed bugs to dirt and debris.Powered by the vacuum's airflow the turbo brush creates additional friction to loosen dirt for cleaning carpets, upholstery and carpeted walls and stairs
There is no need to worry about battery capacity and charge time as it is powered by AC supply

 Customer Reviews

Recommend, FYI you need to have an extension cord
Great price point for a HEPA vac backpack. Good suction. You need an extension cord, but thats no big deal. Only draw back I see is that the attachments you arent using easily bump out of the belt/straps. I just need to get a little drawstring baggie for them. This vacuum has been perfect for my basement project - vacuuming the beams in the ceiling, the walls. Definitely not something that a canister vac could have tackled. Im happy with the purchase and would recommend. Probably 6 hours of vacuuming in so far.Katie
I like the power this Vacuum has and it is very comfortable on the back not heavy at all.
I have been working in construction doing demolition work, Asbestos work, Lead work for over 22yrs and I have used Industrial HEPA vacuums of all sorts I wouldn't mind having the ATRIX ERGO by my side at all I know that this vac would keep up and for the price I didn't think twice about it feels very Durable nothing flimsy at all....remember your buy a vacuum not an extension cord lol...have a great day and stay safe my friends.Gilberto
Very powerful motor-- picks up great. Weakness-- cord that it goes with not long enough to use without an extension cord.FRANKLIN

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