Atrix Canister HEPA Vacuum, Red

Brand Name Atrix
Model AHC1
Rating ★★★★½ 
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This Atrix Canister HEPA Vacuum Red features three stages of filtration with a 6 qt HEPA bag that will filter a variety of impurities from the area. It's compact, allowing it to be stored in a closet or on a cleaning cart easily. This Atrix HEPA vacuum is best suited for hotels, hospitals, schools, libraries and a variety of other public spaces where cleanliness is a necessity. This item is lightweight so it is easy to carry and use. The corded handheld vacuum has a variable speed motor that adjusts to any area of cleaning and has a full bag indicator light so it's easy to know when it needs to be emptied. It captures and removes fine particles such as dust and pet dander quick and efficiently for a different level of clean. The Atrix Canister HEPA Vacuum Red can adapt to any cleaning situation in different types of environments, which makes it the ultimate machine to use in a variety of places and situations.

Atrix Canister HEPA Vacuum, RedAtrix Canister HEPA Vacuum, RedAtrix Canister HEPA Vacuum, RedAtrix Canister HEPA Vacuum, RedAtrix Canister HEPA Vacuum, RedAtrix Canister HEPA Vacuum, RedAtrix Canister HEPA Vacuum, Red
Atrix Canister HEPA Vacuum, Red
Atrix Canister HEPA Vacuum, Red:Motor: 1.40 k
WAir flow: 792.9 gal/min
Dust capacity: 1.50 gal
Filter type: HEPA
Cable length: 20'Attachments: filter
Attachments: telescopic wand
Application/usage: hospital, home and office
Floor type: wooden floor
Features: carry handle
Features: lightweight corded handheld vacuum
Features: full bag indicator
Power source: AC supply
Input voltage: 120V AC
Cord: 20'Watts: 1400Amps: 12Color: red
Material: metal wand
Height: 12"Width: 8.5"Length: 18"Weight (approximate): 11 lbs
Package contents: Canister Vacuum with HEPA Filtration [AHC-1] and 2 Hepa Filter Bags
You Save : $50.66Best Price

 Customer Reviews

Good Cheap Canister Vac
So far, very happy. One disappointment was to see a "Made in China" sticker on the chassis. Atrix website leads you to believe it is US made.Guy J
Tumble weave, stink bugs and more....
Have had this vacuum one week and I am so surprised at the great value of this machine. It has very good suction and the power can be raised up or down. It has a long electrical chord with automatic recoil. I use it on wood floors, tile and a shag area rug as well as throw rugs. I only buy canisters because of the ease of use. But this is no toy; it has real power and parts are substantial. I have a pomeranian that sheds like there is no tomorrow. I call them tumble gets all those suckers. It's also good at sucking up stink bugs!
Walmart delivered the machine in a day or two. Don't hesitate to buy it.Sharon
Great choice!
Great vacuum, powerfull and nice color, good quality for the money!Andre

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