Elvis Presley - Elvis Golden Records (Walmart Exclusive) - Vinyl

Brand Name Elvis Presley
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Elvis Presley, often referred to as the "King of Rock and Roll" or simply "the King," was an American singer, versatile musician, and an actor. He is regarded as one of the most significant cultural icons of the 20th century. The Walmart Exclusive Elvis' Golden Records is a compilation album by American rock and roll singer Elvis Presley, featuring fourteen of Elvis' greatest hits on gold vinyl. The album has a compilation of his hit singles released between 1956 and 1957 and is widely believed to be the first greatest hits album in rock and roll history. Comprised of nine number one A-side hits and four B-side hits, you can get "All Shook Up" while rocking out to some of Elvis' greatest hits. Don't be a "Hound Dog" and have to check into the "Heartbreak Hotel" because you missed out pick up the Walmart exclusive Elvis' Golden Records today.

Elvis Presley - Elvis Golden Records (Walmart Exclusive) - VinylElvis Presley - Elvis Golden Records (Walmart Exclusive) - Vinyl
Elvis Presley - Elvis Golden Records (Walmart Exclusive) - Vinyl
Elvis Presley - Elvis Golden Records (Walmart Exclusive) - Vinyl
Record Label: Music on Vinyl
Music Genre: Pop
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 Customer Reviews

Thank you Walmart for affordable colored vinyl
Amazing colored vinyl of Elvis. Where else can you get a beautiful Golden hits album on gold vinyl at this price? I will buy all my vinyl here. Excellent sound quality too for a colored vinyl.Debra
Typical vinyl album.
Bought as a Christmas gift for my mother. We took it to her this past weekend. She loved it. Worked, no scratches. She's a huge Elvis fan, used to have àll his albums. This really made her happy. Not one of the new, thicker vinyl albums.Cotoole
Sounds Good
Wife loved this album. Sounds good and has a good selection of songs. Its missing one I really like but you cant please everyone.James

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