GV 8 Qt Quart Light Powerful HEPA BackPack Vacuum

Brand Name GV
Model GV6a
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GV 8 Qt Light Powerful BackPack Vacuum Loaded with 2-year warranty. Loaded with tools, brush roll nozzle with brush roll, and bags. Only weighs 10 pounds. Can be used on either shoulder, can be used to vacuum or blow. GV 8 Quart HEPA Backpack Vacuum is super easy to use. If you have lots of hardwood or tile in your home or business then this vacuum is for you. You will be amazed at how much time you save by cleaning with the GV backpack vacuum! Has super comfortable padded shoulder and waist straps for easy comfortable cleaning.

GV 8 Qt Quart Light Powerful HEPA BackPack VacuumGV 8 Qt Quart Light Powerful HEPA BackPack VacuumGV 8 Qt Quart Light Powerful HEPA BackPack VacuumGV 8 Qt Quart Light Powerful HEPA BackPack Vacuum
GV 8 Qt Quart Light Powerful HEPA BackPack Vacuum
Comes with 25 foot cord. LOADED with Easy to use tools! Premium tools include: Turbo pet mini head/power nozzle (great for pet hair and cleaning stairs and furniture), crevice tool, duster brush, upholstery tool, and deluxe floor tool. The floor tool is the high-end deluxe one where it has a switch you flip to go between throw rug mode and hard floor surface mode. So it is designed and works really well on hardwood and tile floors or throw rugs. Adjustable telescopic metal wand so you can adjust the vacuum for the perfect height for you. Also comes with 6 HEPA bags (one pre-installed) so you don’t have to worry about new bags for a long time. We sell additional bags and they are very common. Power Nozzle with Brush roll - Air-driven power nozzle. This vacuum has so much power that it easily powers the brush roll head which easily cleans hard floor surfaces, throw rugs, and carpet. This is a very popular attachment and most other backpack vacuums do not have.  This special head allows it to vacuum hard floor surfaces, low pile carpet, and plush thick carpet; You will save time by not having to switch tools and you can vacuum all your surfaces with the special GV head. Versatile for many different uses - Crush-proof hose can be switched to theleft or right side of vacuum depending on preference. The hose can be attached to theexhaust port to inflating or blowing. Easy access on/off switch allows you to turn on and off very easily. Blower adapter fits on the front of the unit and converts the vacuum into a blower or inflator. 4 stage Filtration system with sealed HEPA filter & HEPA bags - Include 6 HEPA bags, HEPA filter, and 8 Quart SMS cloth bag. If you have allergies this vacuum is for you. Large 8 Quart bag size last a long time and more supplies can easily be purchased as needed. Dust/ Dirt Capacity is 3 liters. 84 inches of water lift for POWERFUL deep cleaning! That's a lot of power.  The GV Backpack vacuums are designed to be some of the most powerful vacuums made. GV Backpack vacuums are designed in a way that makes them one of the most powerful cleaners money can buy. 1 Year Power Unit, 2 Year Motor Manufacturer Warranty & you will love this vacuum so much it even comes with a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!
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GV 8 Qt. backpack vac
This backpack vacuum by Great Vacs is fantastic! It's super light and comfortable to work with. The suction is very powerful and constant. I like the attachments especially the turbo air flow head, it does a great job picking up most debris. This vacuum is a great value for the money!!BroomandGridecleaning
Great vacuum
The vacuum works very well on hard surface floors. The carpet attachment works well on low nap carpet. It is relatively easy to get it on and situated so that it rides comfortably. It is quite easy to to get off. FYI. Make sure it is plugged in and all attachments are easily to hand before donning the vac. Bending over with it on is doable but not comfortable. Also, remember you are adding several inches to your circumference or you will be backing into or running into walls, door frames, etc.my1958
My life with my new GV 8 vacuum
My new GV 8 vacuum is the lightest, quietest, and most powerful vacuum that I have ever come across. Its ease of use and power has made cleaning less of a chore, especially as quiet as it is. it's especially convenient picking up the dog hair as I find it. Thank you for making a very high quality product that has made this part of my life easier.Jose P.

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