Hotter Than Hell (remastered) (CD)

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This deluxe reissue features remastering from the master tapes and upgraded packaging restoring original LP artwork.

Hotter Than Hell (remastered) (CD)
Hotter Than Hell (remastered) (CD)
Kiss - Hotter Than Hell (Remastered) - CD
Track listing: quot;Got to Choose,quot; quot;Parasite,quot; quot;Goin' Blind,quot; quot;Hotter Than Hell,quot; quot;Let Me Go, Rock 'N Roll,quot; quot;All the Way,quot; quot;Watchin' You,quot; quot;Mainline,quot; quot;Comrange Ways.quot;Genre: Kiss Genre: Heavy
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True classic
This is a true classic. A bit raw, but full interesting playing. Wonderful rifts and a tight rhythm section. Not well know, but worth checking if you're not a kiss fan.Eduardo


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