Kiss - Love Gun (remastered) - CD

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This deluxe reissue has been remastered from the original master tapes and features enhanced packaging restoring elements available on the LP release. Track listing: quot;I Stole Your Love,quot; quot;Christine Sixteen,quot; quot;Got Love for Sale,quot; quot;Shock Me,quot; quot;Tomorrow And Tonight,quot; quot;Love Gun,quot; quot;Hooligan,quot; quot;Almost Human,quot; quot;Plaster Casterquot; and quot;Then She Kissed Me.quot;

Kiss - Love Gun (remastered) - CD
Kiss - Love Gun (remastered) - CD
Kiss - Love Gun (remastered) - CD
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The last KISS record to include peter Criss on drums, Love Gun is definitely a testament to KISS's musical talent. From the ear-shattering start "I Stole Your Love" to the softer, more easy going "Then She Kissed Me", This record keeps dishing out good ol' rock n' roll. If it only came with the love gun toy, as it did back in the day, it'd be perfect. Otherwise, Love Gun lives up to all of my expectations. Definitely a must own for any KISS fan.HouseRules777
not a deluxe reissue
Description says deluxe reissue....not, it is a reissue, but not deluxe reissue. However, i am happy to have this cd again in my collection.Robert


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