Louis Tomlinson - Walls - Vinyl

Brand Name Louis Tomlinson
Rating ★★★★¾ 
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Written for his fans and inspired by his idols, Walls marks the debut solo album from Louis Tomlinson. Inspired by the records he listened to in his bedroom as a kid and channeling the spirit of the brit pop era of the 90s Louis Tomlinson bares all with this incredibly honest and personal record. Featuring the likes of "Two of Us," "We Made It," "Kill My Mind" among others, the album marks a change of direction for Louis' music, and one he is happy and proud to present to the world.

Louis Tomlinson - Walls - Vinyl
Louis Tomlinson - Walls - Vinyl
Genre: Pop
Subgenre: Contemporary Singer/Songwriter, Pop
Original Release Date: 2020-01-31Release Date: 01-31-2020Artist: Louis Tomlinson
No of Songs: 12Album Length: 2374 seconds
Format: VINYL
Songs:Kill My Mind
Don't Let It Break Your Heart
Two of Us
We Made It
Too Young
Always You
Perfect Now
Only the Brave

 Customer Reviews

hi, well I love Louis Tomlinson, and I have been looking for the walls vinyl FOREVER. I signed up for notifications to find out when it was in stock, AND i got it YAYYYY!!! It arrived looking beautiful and perfect, I haven't put it on the record player yet, lol, but I'm trusting that it's all goodsofia
best vinyl i have ever had
This is the best playing vinyl I have ever had! The sound quality is amazing. This album is also a work of art! AMAZINGAnnamaria
I love Louis!!
I haven't heard it yet my mom made it as a Christmas gift but I am in love with Louis and it's been out of stock everywhere and I finally got it I am happyEstty

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