Neil Young - Greatest Hits - CD

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Neil Young His first ever greatest-hits collection, Greatest Hits is a long-awaited retrospective from one of rock's most influential and enduring singer-songwriters. With 16 selections spanning his entire career since 1969, Greatest Hits features some of the greatest hits of rock'n'roll, period. Tracks 15 and 16 were transferred from up-converted 176.4/24 bit digital masters created from the original lower res. digital masters. CD/DVD package includes the original stereo master mixes (for highest resolution listening), photo gallery and other bonuses. When a song is played via the DVD, the screen shows the original vinyl album spinning on a turntable as the needle goes to the appropriate groove and progresses in synch with incredible audio clarity with the song.

Neil Young - Greatest Hits - CD
Neil Young - Greatest Hits - CD
Neil Young - Greatest Hits - CD
This collection was assembled and prepared by John Knowland, at Neil Young's Redwood Ranch Studios. The meticulous studio work presented in this collection ensures that this is the very best these songs have ever sounded. For the collection, 30 IPS, flat tape copies of tracks 1-14, were assembled from the original analog masters.
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This was a gift for my husband and he loved the music. I always prefer to get greatest hits albums when I can as those r the songs an artist is best known for and this cd does not disappointcampwitch
If you want neil youngs hits this is the cd you wantcoolhippy1956
Great item
The item was inexpensive and arrived very fast. The album is great. I keep singing the songs over and over in my headElizabeth

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