Prolux Tritan Canister, White

Brand Name Prolux
Model tritan_white
Rating ★★★★½ 
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The Prolux Tritan is the easy to use, inexpensive but dependable, powerful deep cleaning vacuum that you are looking for. The vacuum has an amazing 140 CFM of power, Sealed HEPA filtration and on board tools. The adjustable Power Knob on vacuum allows user to adjust power from quiet delicate vacuuming (like dusting) to full power for deep cleaning. It comes with rubber wheels, a long 23 ft. retractable cord, adjustable steel wand, dependable motor bypass and 1-year warranty. Whether you have allergies, pet hair, hardwood, tile, carpet, or rugs the Prolux Tritan can handle them all.

Prolux Tritan Canister, WhiteProlux Tritan Canister, WhiteProlux Tritan Canister, WhiteProlux Tritan Canister, WhiteProlux Tritan Canister, WhiteProlux Tritan Canister, WhiteProlux Tritan Canister, WhiteProlux Tritan Canister, WhiteProlux Tritan Canister, White
Prolux Tritan Canister, White
The Prolux Tritan is a powerful deep cleaner that is designed to clean Carpet, Rugs, Hardwood floors, Tile and more. With its on board tools, rubber wheels and retractable cord it is very easy to use
ON BOARD TOOLS - include the crevice tool, the duster/upholstery tool and the Combi Floor Tool. The Combi Floor tool is a floor tool that has a button that when pushed retracts the hard floor bristles and in this mode can clean carpet and rugs. Then by pressing the button again the hard floor bristles come out for cleaning hardwood, tile and any hard floor surface. Adjustable power knob allows user to turn vacuums power down for delicate vacuuming when needed (like dusting)SEALED HEPA FILTRATION - Great for allergies and keeping your home air clean and fresh with its 3 stage filtration. Unlike bagless vacuums that tend to spew dust back in the air it uses filtration bags (comes with 6 bags), pre filter and then the Sealed HEPA filter allowing clean air to exit the vacuum
DEEP CLEANER - 12 Amp motor provides surprising power. Produces an amazing 100 in. of water lift suction and 140 CFM (cubic feet per minute) of Airflow, which provides ample power for deep cleaning AND sucking up pet hair
Tough designed rubber wheels, rubber grip handle, steel extendable wand and motor by pass valve ensures this vacuum is made to last. Motor by pass valve will open if bag or hose becomes clogged which protects your motor from burning up

 Customer Reviews

Great power in a light weight vacuum
Prolux Tritan Canister Vacuum. this is a great vacuum. I can do floors, rugs, stairs with ease. It is easy to get around and under furniture., with retractable when I'm done. It's powerful and light weight too. Works better than my heavy, high priced upright.joanol
light, quiet, powerful and practical
I have only had it for a couple of weeks but thus far, I am really happy. First, canister vacuums are so much more convenient than upright vacuums. They are easier to maneuver, and light: I can vacuum under my bed, my futon, or dust the ceiling very easily, which I could not do with my old upright dirt devil. It is also much better for an allergy/asthma prone person like me and convenient to vacuum mattresses and sofas/armchairs. The HEPA filter is terrific to filter dust mites. And the adjustable suction power is awesome.Karen
prolux titan
When I say this vacuum sucks, it is a real compliment. The adjustable suction feature is terrific--the maximum setting is really more than I need. The unit is quiet, powerful, and has telescoping tubing, which is wonderful! The order arrived earlier than the date given. One month in, I am VERY happy with this purchase. And free shipping? That's just gravy on the biscuit!!