The Beatles - The Beatles (The White Album) - CD

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Three CD edition including a new stereo mix of the album on two CDs plus a third disc of Escher demos. Digitally remastered and remixed edition. For 50 years, The White Album has invited its listeners to venture forth and explore the breadth and ambition of its music, delighting and inspiring each new generation in turn. This is the first time The Beatles (White Album) has been remixed and presented with additional demos and session recordings. The albums sweeping new edition follows 2017s universally acclaimed Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band Anniversary Edition releases. To create the new audio mixes for The White Album, Martin and Okell worked with an expert team of engineers and audio restoration specialists at Abbey Road Studios in London. quot;In remixing The White Album, weve tried to bring you as close as possible to The Beatles in the studio,quot; explains Giles Martin in his written introduction for the new edition. quot;Weve peeled back the layers of the Glass Onion with the hope of immersing old and new listeners into one of the most diverse and inspiring albums ever made.quot;

The Beatles - The Beatles (The White Album) - CDThe Beatles - The Beatles (The White Album) - CD
The Beatles - The Beatles (The White Album) - CD
The Beatles - The Beatles (The White Album) - CD
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The Fabs classic with a real Bonus!
The classic with The Fabs hanging out recording new songs an just being relaxed.Franklin

Incredible remastering! Like being at concert!Robert
Awesome remaster of one of my favorite recordings.
Since everyone knows this album already, I will only comment on the remastering. George Martin's son Giles has done a beautiful job of remastering the original performances, in cooperation with Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr. This has always been one of my very favorite Beatles' albums, and I am enjoying it all over again. As with the awesome Sgt Pepper's remaster, there are several versions available for purchase. The $180 box set is the ultimate, of course. But my budget won't allow for that one. This version has the original album on two discs. The third disc is a studio demo of the original songs without George Martin's studio wizardry. These are essentially for purists, as the finished product is the star of the show. And if you have for some reason overlooked the excellent "Love" soundtrack (from the Vegas Cirque du Soliel show), please get it now. George was still alive for that remastering, but Giles was equally responsible for the finished work. It is my hope that these remasters will bring The Beatles recordings to a new generation.Musicaltom

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