Tool - 10,000 Days - CD

Brand Name Tool
Rating ★★★★¾ 
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All 12 songs here hit the charts! Includes a Horse with No Name I Need You Sandman Ventura Highway Don't Cross the River Only in Your Heart Muskrat Love Tin Man Lonely People Sister Golden Hair Daisy Jane, and Woman Tonight.

Tool - 10,000 Days - CDTool - 10,000 Days - CDTool - 10,000 Days - CD
Tool - 10,000 Days - CD
Tool - 10,000 Days - CD Heavy Metal After five long years, the new studio album from Tool, 10,000 DAYS, is ready to take the world by storm.
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 Customer Reviews

in sync
if you like tool and their work, 10,000 days is in sync with the current climate and their own evolution. best heard very LOUD!pahdme
COME ON!!!!!!!!!
Its Tool. They rock. What do I need to explain?ichatta

Big Tool fan. All of there albums are well produced.Bambam

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