Panasonic MC-CG902 Canister Vacuum Cleaner

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Brand Name Panasonic
Model MC-CG902
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Canister vacuum is one of the two top most variants in vacuum cleaning. Traditionally, upright vacuum cleaners were thought to be the more powerful type and an exclusive choice for people with carpeted homes. But this is not the case anymore. Today the canister vacuum cleaners offer same, if not more, power and ability to clean carpets with a compact design.

Now that people are inclining towards buying canister vacuum cleaners, they are very conscious, and rightly so, of which one to buy. There is no clear identification available of best canister vacuum cleaner. Every company claims its product to be the best. So what then can be the criteria to judge the best canister vacuum cleaner?

Some of the commonly agreed upon characteristics that a contender to best canister vacuum should possess are;

  1. A powerful motor
  2. Hassle-free attachments and ergonomics
  3. Attachments to clean the carpets, floor and furniture
  4. HEPA filter
  5. Durability
  6. Affordability
  7. Warranty

These are the baseline qualities that top of the line canister vacuum cleaners must have. Added features will always be helpful in adding greater customer satisfaction.

There are multiple reasons for giving Panasonic MC-CG902 Canister Vacuum Cleaner the status of best canister vacuum cleaner. First of all it combines all the basic requirements of contender to best canister vacuum cleaner. Eureka is too small and less powerful whereas Panasonic beats Electrolux in affordability and some features.

To give you an overview of features offered in Panasonic MC-CG902 Canister Vacuum Cleaner, they are discussed very briefly underneath.

  • Ergonomic Design.
    It includes closed loop handle to provide more control. Start/stop button located on the handle is another plus. Bare-floor option switch is also placed on handle. A big 14 inch nozzle and curved carrying handle gives it top rank in ergonomics.
  • Quality attachments for all kinds of surfaces.
    It has a brush for bare floor, dusting type brush for curtains, lamps etc. upholstery brush for furniture like sofa and cushions. It has crevice nozzle to go deep down between the cushion creeks and suck up particles of food or dust. Long wand makes high and remote places accessible.
  • Powerful motor.
    It is powered by a 12 ampere motor, powerful enough to clean your carpets, rugs, curtains etc.
  • 360 degree hose swivel capability.
    The joint of hose to canister has the ability to turn 360 degree to make it easily maneuverable without having to move the canister.
  • HEPA filter.
    Now a must for the canister vacuum cleaners, Panasonic MC-CG902 Canister Vacuum Cleaner has it to give you cleaner air.
  • Automatic cord reel.
    It folds the 24 feet long cord in just a push of button.
  • Easy access to tools.
    All the accessories and tools with Panasonic MC-CG902 Canister Vacuum Cleaner are attached on the top of its canister, which makes it absolutely easy to access.
  • Affordability.
    Top class performance in the price of much smaller vacuums.
  • Warranty.
    Panasonic offers a warranty of one year on this product.

The combination of all these features plus many others that are not mentioned here plus the warranty provided by Panasonic give the users a high satisfaction and makes it the best canister vacuum cleaner for us.

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 Customer Reviews

Excellent Quality and Value
I was looking to replace my old Kenmore vacuum, but the reviews for the newer models weren't that great, they had too many bells and whistles that I didn't want or need, and they were rather pricey (plus the colors were not of my liking). I found this Panasonic online which looks identical to another Kenmore I owned in the past (so clearly, Panasonic made certain Kenmore models). It works great! Great suction, it's easy to switch between the attachments, the motorized floor attachment is easily removed with a foot pedal, the cord is easily retracted by stepping on a pedal on the back of the canister, and I love the on/off switch on the handle. I'm glad I found this!Thingamabob
Good Value Vacuum Cleaner
I have always owned Sears Kenmore canisters which were made by Panasonic. The power nozzle broke on my 20 year old Kenmore and decided to put the money into a new machine and use the old one in my shop. The Panasonic canister is virtually identical to the Kenmore in every respect, but is less expensive than a new Kenmore. I used to buy Sears products on the theory that they could be serviced until Sears closed their service centers a few years ago. I no longer shop at Sears for that reason. May as well get the lowest price. The Panasonic parts and bags are interchangeable with Kenmore. You could spend much more on a high end canister that would not do the job this one does or last as long.FisherT
Fun to drive!
This vacuum is lightweight and both the power wand and the canister are easy to maneuver. The on-off switch is on the wand--no more foot-switch. The tools are stored under the lid--very clever--no way they will fall off! Easy removal of the power wand too.
I was amazed how quiet this vacuum is, even with the power sweeper. My cats were not freaked out at all. Excellent cleaning on my medium-deep carpet and bare floors. I was able to catch the dirt that's right up against the wall.
Some folks have commented that there is no indicator light for a full bag--that's true. Will need to regularly monitor the status of the bag and of the 2 filters.coldclim
Love the canister
I'm a canister vacuum lover. I love the versatility and convenience of having everything with me as I move through the house. This vacuum does it all. I used to buy the Kenmore, but their quality has gone down hill. The Panasonic is virtually the same vacuum with some nice new features. I'm so glad I found it. Great quality.Dejarnd
Great on Hard surfaces
I have no carpeting in my home because I have four dogs. I no longer have to dust mop, then vacuum. This vacuum picks it all up. I love the large bag. Most canister vacuums have a large bag but it doesn't fully open because of the design of the canister...this one does!!!!
Good Vacuum for the money!
I like this vacuum because of the dusting brush. Returned a Kenmore because the brush was so large and the bristles were very short. It vacuums well. It's a basic unit with nothing fancy. Doesn't have a dust bag full indicator which I will miss but I will be able to tell by the suction. It has a large dust bag compared to my old vacuum. The hose could be a little longer. I like the fact that it doesn't have all kinds of parts. It has the Good House Keeping seal.Valuemindded
Powerful, well constructed but a bit bulky
Vacuum seems to have plenty of power and suction for mostly bare floors and short pile area rugs. Unit may be a bit heavy and bulky for a smaller adult to manage. Generous bag size is a bonus. Also, Sears brand HEPA filter fits this machine (about 1/2 the price of the Panasonic branded HEPA filter).TimmysFriend
A very good canister vacuum cleaner for the money.
I purchased my Panasonic canister vacuum cleaner after my 38 year old green Eureka canister finally quit. I really like this vacuum, really does a good job on my carpets, and the attachments do a nice job on furniture, pillows and dusting and isn't as loud and seems to have a lot of horsepower. My only concern is that I have a difficult time separating the power nozzle wand from the vacuum hose. I'm not a weakling but the button is hard to push in and pull apart the wand from the hose. Overall I'm very satisfied with the quality of this vacuum.saunagal

I ordered this product based upon the primarily good reviews I had read over the internet. Unfortunately, one of the reviews mentioned that the electrical relay system has provided problems and I believe that is what occurred with the product that I had. When I originally hooked up the machine, it ran like a dream for the 5 minutes that I had it plugged in (simply just checking it out!) I loved the way it handled, movement, etc as I have a small duplex space and my upright is very cumbersome. Unfortunately, when I plugged in the machine the next day, it wouldn't start until I manipulated the plug on the beater bar and then the motor only ran for 5 minutes and quit. Therefore, although I marked that I would recommend this to a friend and I believe the machine would have been sufficient for my needs, it had to be returned, and I won't be reordering. If a person purchases this item, I would strongly suggest that any item be carefully checked out before it is shipped.GracefulGertie
I returned this vacuum because it was cheaply made: the plastic was light, the wheels seemed fragile, the connectors were not very positive, the hinge on the lid was sticky and difficult and light-weight, and the switch seemed cheap.
This machine is exactly like my last Kenmore but even flimsier. This last vacuum I had fell completely apart: wheels, connectors, hose, cord reel, and the stop on the powerbar that holds the hose and tube upright.
Since this purchase I've read that Kenmore is made by Panasonic.
It did work quietly, it did have a thick bag and good filter and the hose was very sturdy unlike the stiff plastic tubes on the cheap machines I've seen.
For the price, I felt the quality should have been higher. Perhaps I'm just afraid of repeating the failure of my last vacuum.
I'd estimate that this machine could last without physical problems for a couple or three years if treated tenderly - the wheels seem to be the weakest point and then the switch on the handle followed closely by the hinge for the top (this part was one thing that didn't break on my old Kenmore but it never operated easily and caused lots of frustration at every bag change - the one on this Panasonic was even stiffer and felt flimsier).
If I expected to replace the machine in a few years and felt that an average per year cost of $60 was a good price then I would have kept it because it did seem to function when I tested it.JoanV

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