Panasonic MC-CL310 Bagless Canister Vacuum

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Brand Name Panasonic
Model MC-CL310
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Keeping a home clean is frustrating enough, but when you start having problems with your vacuum, it’s even worse. Many vacuums have suction problems, get clogged easily, are too heavy, or simply break after moderate use. The Panasonic MC-CL310 bagless canister vacuum cleaner has many features that make it seemingly a great choice for those who have such problems. The question then becomes whether these features of the Panasonic MC-CL310 work as well in real life as it claims on paper.

The Panasonic MC-CL310 is very light. Unlike a standard upright vacuum, the MC-CL310 can be picked up easily with one hand. It’s also more convenient than standard vacuums as it comes with a bevy of tools for different situations.

Edge grabber attachmentThe “Edge Grabber” attachment, as Panasonic calls it, is meant to be able to clean deep crevices in corners or where baseboards meet the floor. It works better than the standard nozzle, but it’s not exactly a reason to choose the Panasonic MC-CL310 canister vacuum cleaner over a similar vacuum. Fortunately, the surprising cleaning power of the vacuum is a great reason to choose it over similar competitors.

While the Panasonic MC-CL310 vacuum cleaner definitely shines in portability, the surprising suction power of the vacuum is definitely the high-point of the product. The vacuum contains an 11 amp motor that powers its suction, and it easily handled carpet and bare floors alike. Panasonic has designed the vacuum so that the hose swivels as you vacuum, so tangling (and potentially damaging) the hose is no longer an issue. Other features of the Panasonic MC-CL310 include a retractable 16 foot power cord, HEPA filtration, and an easy to clean canister.


  • Strong suction in a lightweight package.
  • Very light and easily carried throughout the house.
  • Works well on carpet and bare floor.
  • 11 Amp Motor
  • 16 foot power cord
  • Bagless design featuring an easily cleaned canister.
  • Several attachments for different situations.
  • Power cord retracts, and the hose swivels so you won’t have to worry about tangling.
  • HEPA filter prevents small particles from entering the air.
  • 1-year warranty


  • “Edge Grabber” only slightly better than standard nozzle.
  • Lacking in color options.
  • Tool attachments can fall off their holder.

Overall, the MC-CL310 is one of the best affordable canister vacuums in the market. It’s certainly not perfect, but with such powerful suction in a lightweight body, the Panasonic MC-CL310 canister vacuum is definitely worth purchasing.

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 Customer Reviews

Nice, light weight, affordable,vacuum
I purchased this inexpensive vacuum because it it had all the features I was looking for.

A bag less HEPA filter, light weight, portable, and a swiveling front head so that I am able to get into corners easily. It works well on walls and drapes as well as making vacuuming under beds and furniture a breeze, something an upright can't do. I'm happy with it.ANettie
I bought this vacuum cleaner about 2 weeks ago and so far it's been very good! It's light, easy to maneuver, cleans dirt right up to the very edges of the walls, and overall a great product for the price!iaamthewalrus
Not for scrubbing the dirt , but better more for suction of dirt. Extra double fine filter is excellent. Its very light to move around. Its very easy to use (not a spaceship). Easy to clean the filter. Engine sound is not so loud. Power cord enough length for regular household.Anonymous
Panasonic Floor Vacuum
My first vacuum was a Panasonic. That was several years. It was an excellent vacuum, lasted almost 12 years. I have bought several since including a Kirby but none as quiet and easy to use as a Panasonic. I bought this for my bare floors. Works with ease and mobility. I would definitely recommend. Well worth the price.PeteB
Great little vacuum
I looked and looked for a small bagless canister vacuum that the price would not break the bank. This Panasonic model # MC-CLS310 had good reviews on multiple web sites, so I took a chance. It works perfect for what my family needed, a vacuum to clean our hard surface floors. It is lite and not too loud and the hand grip is supper comfortable. It is easy to dump the canister and it rolls easy. It took a bit for me to find spare filters but I did find a complete parts list web site. I have used it to vacuum our carpeted stairs and area rugs and it worked fine. I would not buy this for carpeted floors.mainedave
good quality and great suction for the money
I like the feature on the front of the head that pivots to give extra suction against the wall. It really helps when cleaning up around the bird cage. The bin is a bit more complicated to dump than other brands, but the hinges and clasps on the Panasonic bin are more heavy duty plastic than the others and look like they will last longer. The wand is made of metal and the exhaust vents out the wheels like the expensive models. Good on smooth floors, I didn't expect it to work well on carpet, I have a stand up for that.EmperoroftheUniverse
MC-Cl310 cannister vac
Brush and metal extensions keep detaching from hose when trying to clean. Not very handy as you have to stop and reattach it again and again and again! Power okayAnonymous
Too little suction
This vacuum cleaner is great for hard floors but has way to little power to properly clean a carpet. Even the brush, which is really nice otherwise is not suited for carpets. If you have hard wood floors, this vacuum cleaner is a great deal. Otherwise, don't bother.Paul
Good little vaccuum, but lacking certain useabilit
I've owned this vaccuum for almost a year now and the most annoying problem with it is that the tube extension falls out of the handle way too easily. You can't carry it from one room to another without holding onto both the canister and the arm. The cord is also too short and the button used to retract it will stick fairly often. I've got to plug it into multiple outlets to clean my downstairs kitchen and living rooms (which are side-by-side). The suction is good and I appreciate the Hepa filter.IBM Buyer
bad product
i would not recomment this product. It lost suction after the first use. I took it back to the storethundercat1965